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Amanda Moye Brown is a gifted American craftsman, performer, creator, and entertainer, known for her dynamic and imaginative commitments to different inventive fields.

 Intensely for imagination, she has constructed a different profession, consistently mixing her creative abilities with her melodic ability, scholarly ability, and abilities to act. 

Amanda’s work is portrayed by its flexibility and her remarkable way to deal with each discipline, making her a regarded figure in human expression and media outlets. Her diverse profession proceeds to motivate and spellbind crowds across various mediums.

Who is Amanda Moye Brown

Amanda Moye Brown earned far reaching respect when she sealed the deal with Wes Brown, turning into a prominent figure in VIP circles. Nonetheless, in addition to her marriage characterizes her popularity; Amanda has cut out her own specialty in media outlets.

 With her job as the organizer for the Disney ABC television bunch, she’s made huge commitments in the background, assisting with bringing a portion of our #1 shows and creations to life.

 Her hard working attitude, devotion, and eye for detail have gained her appreciation and deference inside the business. Past her marvelous public persona, Amanda is a determined proficient who assumes an imperative part in forming the diversion scene.

Amanda Moye Brown Bio

Amanda Moye Brown has had an eminent vocation as a previous organizer at Disney ABC TV Gathering, adding to the universe of diversion in the background. While she hails from the US, gladly embracing her American identity and White nationality, she will in general keep her own life hidden.

 This attentiveness implies that insights concerning her childhood and family foundation remain generally obscure. Notwithstanding her position of safety in the media, Amanda’s expert undertakings say a lot about her devotion and gifts in the business.


Full nameAmanda Moye Brown
Date of birth16th March 1976
Age46 years (as of 2022)
Place of birthUnited States of America
Current residenceBeverly Hills, United States of America
Zodiac signPisces
Height in feet5’ 8”
Height in centimetres172
Weight in pounds121
Weight in kilograms55
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourHazel
Marital statusMarried
HusbandJames Wesley “Wes” Brown
ProfessionFormer coordinator at Disney ABC Television Group

Amanda Moye Brown Education

With regards to Amanda Moye Brown’s instructive foundation, it’s somewhat of a secret. While it’s most likely the case that she’s an alumni, the points of interest of her major and the foundation she went to are subtle subtleties.

Maybe sometime in the not so distant future, assuming she chooses to share all the more transparently about her life, finding out about her scholastic process and the encounters that formed her career would enter. 

Up to that point, her instructive foundation stays a subject of interest and hypothesis among the people who respect her work in media outlets.

Amanda Moye Brown Age

Despite the fact that Amanda Moye Brown turned 37 out of 2020, she easily challenges the progression of time with her young appearance, particularly when she graces the camera.

Her age appears as though a simple number as her energetic energy and brilliant disposition frequently leave watchers speculating. 

Whether it’s her skincare routine, sound way of life decisions, or just great hereditary qualities, Amanda has an immortal charm that gives a false representation of her years. 

Her capacity to keep up with such an energetic shine adds to her appeal and enamors crowds, making her an immortal figure in the diversion world.

Amanda Moye Brown Height

Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches (or 1.73 meters), Amanda Moye Earthy colored flaunts a telling presence that matches her achievements in media outlets. 

Her height adds to her striking presence as well as addresses her certainty and balance both on and behind the scenes. 

Whether she’s exploring the clamoring universe of TV creation or disclosing appearances, Amanda’s level is only another part of her exceptional persona that has an enduring effect.

Amanda Moye Brown Personal life

The individual existence of Amanda Moye Brown is a critical part of her Wikipedia page since it gives experiences into her connections and everyday life. This data can assist perusers with figuring out her inspirations and motivations as an essayist and historian.

For model, Earthy colored union with David Remnick, the supervisor of The New Yorker, has likely impacted her work in more ways than one. To start with, it has given her admittance to a large number of scholarly and social assets. 

Second, it has given her a strong and invigorating climate in which to compose and explore. Third, it has given her a profound comprehension of the universe of news coverage and publishing.Brown’s kids have likewise probably impacted her work. 

As a mother, she has a profound comprehension of the difficulties and delights of nurturing. This understanding is clear in her composition, which frequently investigates the topics of family and childhood.

In end, the individual existence of Amanda Moye Brown is a critical part of her Wikipedia page since it gives bits of knowledge into her connections and day to day life. This data can assist perusers with grasping her inspirations and motivations as an essayist and history specialist.

Amanda Moye Brown Family

Amanda Moye Brown has kept a degree of protection encompassing her own life, keeping subtleties like her precise birth date and family foundation firmly monitored. Experiencing childhood in the US under the consideration of her caring guardians, she has decided not to share a lot about her family, including any kin she might have.

Likewise, her instructive excursion stays a secret to general society. In any case, notwithstanding the mystery encompassing her own life, Amanda has left an imprint in Hollywood, quite through her work at Disney ABC TV Gathering. 

However, her union with American entertainer Wes Brown frequently gets everyone’s attention. Wes, known for his parts in different series and motion pictures, for example, “We Are Marshall,” “Love Under the Stars,” and “Outrage,” has been a conspicuous figure in the business starting around 2005.

In spite of Amanda’s own proficient achievements, she is in many cases perceived in the public eye as Wes Earthy colored significant other, as his fruitful acting profession has kept them both at the center of attention.

Amanda Moye Brown Career

Following her schooling in American schools, the previous showbiz character left on a lifelong excursion that drove her to a job as a facilitator at Disney ABC TV Gathering. While her time at Disney stays a feature in her expert history, insights regarding her vocation post-Disney have been deliberately kept out of the public eye.

All things considered, Amanda has moved her concentration to sustaining her developing family. Notwithstanding her retreat from the spotlight, she made a short return in 2020, contributing as a component of the extra music group for “Phineas and Ferb the Film:

Candace Against the Universe.” Furthermore, she loaned her gifts to the development of “Beasts at Wor.” These brief looks into her new undertakings show that while Amanda might have moved away from the public eye, her energy for her art actually shines brilliantly.

Amanda Moye Brown Net Worth

Her way of life demonstrates that she is without a doubt a wealthy woman. She used to function as an organizer for Disney ABC TV Gathering prior to continuing on toward different open doors. A lot of hypotheses has fixated on her total assets, which she still can’t seem to disclose publicly.

A deep rooted vocation is expected to get an adequate measure of total assets to serenely live. Supposedly, she was utilized as an organizer and had a total assets of $400 thousand dollars.The summit of her earlier endeavors has brought about this.

In spite of the way that she is as of now not at the center of attention, she is right now a housewife really focusing on her kid. Whenever she has the chance to travel, the diva is oftentimes sighted.

The pair is regularly snapped by paparazzi, which brings about magnificent recollections for the people who see them. Notwithstanding having an unassuming total assets, Amanda possesses a home in California for $570,000, which is valued at $570,000.

Because there is data accessible on the total assets and resources, the yearly pay is left hidden. Regardless of what her conditions are, she obviously partakes in a lavish presence

Amanda Moye Brown Relationship

Who is Amanda Moye Earthy colored better half, and what is his name? By this point, it ought to be certain that she is James Wesly “Wes’ ‘ Brown’s solitary spouse and that they have no youngsters. Notwithstanding his contribution in different movies and TV series, Wes is notable for his voice work.

A portion of the shows include: Some time ago, Christmas at Graceland, Love Under the Stars, Trickery, Tempest War, and Christmas at Graceland.The couple traded promises on Spring third, 2008. It was in Rod Rouge, Louisiana, when Amanda Moye Brown traded promises with her future spouse.

Due to their marriage, they have had the option to partake in a cheerful and satisfying life.In 2009, the couple invited another individual from their family into their home. Her ravishing youngster was given the name Merribeth Brown after she was brought into the world to her. 

At the hour of this composition, she is the lone offspring of the Trickery actors.Photos of Amanda Moye Earthy colored kids can be found in overflow on Wes’ Instagram account. She has been utilizing the site to post pictures with her adherents since it was sent off. 

During the year 2020, Merribeth will be eleven years old.A tenacious component of Amanda’s expert and individual achievements is her marriage, which she esteems past all the other things. It is, for certain, because of the equivocalness encompassing the relationship.

Amanda’s significant other is Wes Brown, a notable entertainer who has been in a few movies. The two of them have known another for quite a while and have been dating for quite a while. At last, their sentiment bloomed, and on May 3, 2008, the pair traded promises in the territory of Louisiana.

With loved ones in participation, it was to some degree a grave event. It was only a year after their marriage that the couple had their little girl, Merribeth Brown.


  • Amanda Moye Brown is a versatile American artist, performer, writer, and actress known for her creative contributions across various artistic fields.
  • She gained recognition through her marriage to American actor Wes Brown, but she has also made significant contributions to the entertainment industry herself.
  • Amanda previously worked as a coordinator at Disney ABC Television Group and has also been involved in additional crew roles for notable productions such as “Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe.”
  • Her personal life, including details about her family and educational background, has been kept relatively private.
  • Amanda stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters) and maintains a youthful appearance despite her age.


Amanda Moye Brown is a multi-talented individual known for her diverse contributions to the entertainment industry. While she initially gained attention through her marriage to actor Wes Brown, Amanda has built her own career, including roles at Disney ABC Television Group and involvement in various film projects. Despite her public persona, she maintains a level of privacy surrounding her personal life, leaving details about her family and educational background undisclosed.


What is Amanda Moye Brown’s profession?

Amanda is a former coordinator at Disney ABC Television Group and has also worked in additional crew roles for film productions.

Who is Amanda Moye Brown married to?

Amanda is married to American actor Wes Brown, known for his roles in various films and television series.

How tall is Amanda Moye Brown?

Amanda stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters).

What is Amanda Moye Brown’s age?

As of 2022, Amanda Moye Brown is 46 years old, born on March 16, 1976.

Does Amanda Moye Brown have children?

Yes, Amanda and Wes Brown have one daughter named Merribeth Brown, born in 2009.

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