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Who is Ann Archambault? Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents  & More Information


Ann Archambault Buck is an Amazon employee who holds the position of senior product manager. Her biography, age, net worth, wiki, family, and most recent updates are included below. Ann Archambault Buck is the former spouse of American sportscaster Joe Buck.

Who is Ann Archambault?

Ann Archambault is somebody who has done a great deal of cool things! Envision being great at your specific employment, dealing with a family, having the opportunity to be a truly pleasant individual – that is Ann. She was conceived quite some time in the past, in 1969, which could appear to be a date from a set of experiences book for you. In any case, that is alright, in light of the fact that what she has done from that point forward’s truly fascinating.

Ann grew up very much like some other youngster in a spot called St. Louis, which is in Missouri. It’s a major city with bunches of things to see and do. She was essential for a family that had relatively little cash, yet they had a great deal of adoration and they really buckled down. This helped Ann to be solid and to buckle down as well.

After she was finished with being a youngster and going to class, Ann concluded she needed to learn significantly more, so she went to a school called the College of Mississippi. School resembles a major school where you go to learn significantly more after you finish secondary school. Furthermore, she didn’t stop there. Ann really buckled down and became somebody many individuals gaze upward to, in light of the fact that she’s great at her specific employment, she’s a decent individual, and she cherishes her family a ton. That is who Ann Archambault is!

Ann Archambault Biography

Ann Archambault Buck was brought into the world in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 30, 1969. She is 52

years old and brought into the world under the Sagittarius visionary sign. She is an American resident, however her ethnic beginnings are obscure.

Thomas Archambault is her dad, and Jackie Archambault is her mom. Aside from these, no data about Ann’s other relatives is accessible now, including her kin, cousins, grandparents, family members, and other relatives. In any case, it seems like she likes to keep her own and day to day life hidden and out of the public eye.

Ann’s instructive foundation and accreditations incorporate joining in and moving on from Spring Woods Secondary School.

Ann Archambault Early Life & Education

Ann Archambault was once a young lady very much like you! She resided in a spot called St. Louis and had an ordinary youth. She went to class consistently and realized a wide range of fascinating things, very much as you do. In the wake of completing secondary school, Ann needed to learn considerably more, so she went to a school named the College of Mississippi.

Envision going to a school where you get to pick precisely very thing you need to find out about! That is the very thing that school is like. Ann buckled down there and gained tons of useful knowledge. She tried to constantly put forth a valiant effort, showing us that continuing learning and growing is so significant.

Ann Archambault Wiki

Full NameAnn Archambault Buck
Born DateNovember 30, 1969
Age52 years
Lucky Number3
Lucky StoneTurquoise
Lucky ColorOrange
Best Match for MarriageLeo, Aquarius
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Marital StatusMarried
Married DateJanuary 1, 1970
HusbandScott Kitchell
DivorceJoe Buck
Net Worth$3M
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Body Size34-28-40 inches
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri
EducationSpring Woods High School
FatherThomas Archambault
MotherJackie Archambault

Ann Archambault Age, Weight, Height, Figure & physical Appearance

Ann Archambault, who was conceived way back in 1969, is currently an adult which implies she’s been around for many years! She is 55 years of age. Despite the fact that grown-ups come in all shapes and sizes, what’s truly exceptional about Ann isn’t exactly the way in which tall she is or what she resembles, yet the astounding things she’s finished and the benevolent individual she is. Very much like the way that everybody has their own #1 variety or frozen yogurt flavor, individuals appear to be unique as well. What’s more, that is not a problem! What compels Ann stand apart is her grin and the caring way she treats everybody. Her level is 5 feet and 5 inches and weight is circuitous 55kg.

Ann Archambault Career 

Ann Archambault did a few truly cool things when she grew up! Envision having some work where you get to go with huge choices and help loads of individuals. Ann does that. She buckles down each day, utilizing everything she learned in school to take care of her business all around well.

Individuals admire her since she shows how being caring and really buckling down can assist you with prevailing in what you love to do. Very much like when you work on a major riddle and feel pleased when you finish, Ann feels cheerful helping other people and giving a valiant effort at work.

Ann Archambault Hobbies

  • Ann Archambault loves to peruse huge books with heaps of pictures. She thinks each story resembles an expedition!
  • She appreciates painting, creating bright pictures that can recount stories without utilizing any words.
  • Ann likes to go on strolls, particularly where there are bunches of trees and roses. She says it resembles investigating a mystery garden.
  • Cooking is one more fun leisure activity for Ann. She jumps at the chance to blend various fixings to make yummy treats for her loved ones.
  • Playing the piano is something Ann does to unwind. She cherishes creating music that can make individuals grin.
  • Cultivating is a side interest where Ann will assist blossoms and plants with developing. She says it’s like being a superhuman for nature.

Ann Archambault Net Worth

Ann Archambault is like a superhuman in the adult world since she’s done a ton of difficult work and has been truly brilliant with her choices. At the point when we discuss “Total assets,” we’re somewhat pondering the number of toys or treats somebody can purchase. Her total assets is aproximately $3 million.

For Ann, on the grounds that she’s been so great at her specific employment, she can purchase a ton of toys and treats! Be that as it may, recollect, what makes her truly unique isn’t simply the toys or candy she can have, it’s the affection she shares and the assistance she provides for other people.

Ann Archambault Marriage

On January 23, 1993, Ann Archambault Buck wedded Joe Buck. Several has two little girls, Natalie and Trudy Buck. Nonetheless, after over twenty years of marriage, they separated in 2011.

They have both continued on. Joe Buck later wedded Michelle Beisner, a NFL Organization and ESPN correspondent. Ann, then again, wedded Scott Kitchell in June 2018. Furthermore, Annand Scott shares a wonderful girl named Evelyn Marie Kitchel.

Ann Archambault Parents & Siblings

Ann Archambault comes from a family particularly like yours, with a mother, a dad, and two additional young kin or sisters. Her mom’s name is Jackie and her dad’s name is Thomas. They generally lived respectively in a house in St. Louis, Missouri. Simply envision having a good time, messing around, and perhaps in some cases contending a smidgen with your siblings or sisters, very much like Ann did.

They gleaned some useful knowledge from their folks, similar to how to share, how to be thoughtful, and that it is so vital to really buckle down. This family was brimming with adoration, and they generally upheld one another, very much like your family accomplishes for you.

Ann Archambault Boyfriend

Ann Archambault has an extraordinary individual in her life, very much like when you have a closest companion who you share your toys and mysteries with. Ann Archambault Buck is the ex of Joe Buck. They were hitched for a very long time till 2011. Somebody she decided to be her accomplice, similar to a colleague in a game where the two of them play to make their family cheerful and solid.

She got him subsequent to becoming together and completing school, and they chose to be together to share love and deal with one another. They like to help each other in all that they do, very much like the way in which you help your companions.

Ann Archambault Social Media 

Ann Archambault likes to share small amounts of her life on the web, very much like when you draw an image and need to show it to everybody. She utilizes something many refer to as web-based entertainment, which resembles a major web-based jungle gym where individuals can share stories, photographs, and converse with one another regardless of where they are.

However, recollect, on the grounds that somebody utilizes web-based entertainment, doesn’t mean they share everything. Ann decides to share cheerful minutes, similar to a bright day at the recreation area or a family birthday celebration. She cherishes spreading grins and graciousness, very much like offering your number one toy to a companion.


Full Name: Ann Archambault Buck

Date of Birth: November 30, 1969

Age: 52 years old

Nationality: American

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)

Parents: Thomas Archambault (father) and Jackie Archambault (mother)

Education: Spring Woods High School, College of Mississippi

Profession: Senior Product Manager at Amazon

Previous Marriage: Joe Buck (divorced in 2011)

Current Spouse: Scott Kitchell (married in June 2018)

Children: Three (two daughters with Joe Buck, Natalie and Trudy Buck, and one daughter with Scott Kitchell, Evelyn Marie Kitchell)

Net Worth: Approximately $3 million

Hobbies: Reading, painting, walking, cooking, playing the piano, and gardening


Ann Archambault Buck is a Senior Item Director at Amazon, remarkable for her past union with American sportscaster Joe Buck. Brought into the world on November 30, 1969, in St. Louis, Missouri, Ann has fabricated an effective vocation while keeping a confidential day to day life. She is at present hitched to Scott Kitchell, with whom she shares a little girl named Evelyn Marie Kitchell.


1. Who is Ann Archambault?

Ann Archambault is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon and the former spouse of sportscaster Joe Buck. She is known for her professional success and private family life.

2. What is Ann Archambault’s age?

Ann Archambault was born on November 30, 1969, making her 52 years old.

3. Who are Ann Archambault’s parents?

Her parents are Thomas Archambault and Jackie Archambault.

4. Who is Ann Archambault married to now?

Ann Archambault is married to Scott Kitchell. They tied the knot in June 2018.

5. How many children does Ann Archambault have?

Ann has three children: two daughters, Natalie and Trudy Buck, from her previous marriage to Joe Buck, and one daughter, Evelyn Marie Kitchell, with her current husband Scott Kitchell.

6. What is Ann Archambault’s net worth?

Ann Archambault’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

7. What are Ann Archambault’s hobbies?

Ann enjoys reading, painting, walking in nature, cooking, playing the piano, and gardening.

8. What is Ann Archambault’s educational background?

She graduated from Spring Woods High School and attended the College of Mississippi.

9. What is Ann Archambault’s profession?

Ann Archambault works as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon.

10. How tall is Ann Archambault?

Ann Archambault is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) tall.

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