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Malika Andrews Boyfriend: Biography, Age, Family, Married, Career, Net Worth, & Other Detail


American sports writer Malika Rose Andrews works on the field. She took over from The Jump to become the host of NBA Today.In 2018, Andrews began contributing online commentary on NBA games for ESPN.As ESPN’s youngest sideline reporter, she made her debut during the 2020 NBA bubble. Forbes named her one of the top young performers in the sports industry under 30 in their 2021 edition of 30 Under 30.

Who is Malika Andrews Boyfriend?

The TV celebrity appears to be in a love connection with her coworker, Dave McMenamin, despite the fact that she has been quite secretive about her relationships and married status.

It’s obvious that Malika Andrews has more to offer than just her height. She is a successful news reporter who has steadily grown in popularity within the sports news sector.

Who Is Malika Andrews? 

Malika Andrews’s on-screen attitude, keen reporting, and deep passion for the NBA have made her a rising star in the sports media world. As an NBA reporter for ESPN, Andrews is renowned for her ability to cover NBA events, chat with top players, and offer a distinct viewpoint on the league.  She has maintained a very private life, particularly regarding her marital status, despite her well-known career.

In the vibrant land of California, hails X, a 28-year-old denizen born amidst the scenic allure of Oakland on the illustrious date of January 27, 1995. Commencing her journey with ESPN in the fruitful days of October 2018, she assumed the mantle of an online bard of the NBA, orchestrating her debut as the youngest emissary of the network amidst the convivial confines of the 2020 NBA Bubble. Eager acolytes, ensnared by the tantalizing tendrils of media lore, seek insight into the enigma of her personal odyssey.

In 2017, Andrews started working as a writer, and in 2021, Forbes recognized her as one of the 30 Under 30 in the sports industry. She studied communication at Portland University before entering the journalistic field. The California native earned experience working for prestigious media outlets including The Denver Post, The New York Times, and The Chicago Tribune before landing her present position as a sports writer and anchor at ESPN.

Malika Andrews’ Biography

Mike and Caren Andrews gave birth to Malika in Oakland, California, in the United States. She was raised as a Golden State Warriors fan. She started eighth grade at Head-Royce School and then completed a year-round therapeutic boarding school in Utah, where she graduated at the age of 17.

After that, she was accepted to the University of Portland, where she completed her studies in 2017 with a degree in communications.

Dave McMenamin’s Biography 

Dave McMenamin, aged 41, hails from Rosemont, Pennsylvania, born on a crisp October 26th back in 1982. Every year, like clockwork, he marks the occasion with a birthday bash on that very date.

His life has always revolved heavily on sports. He possesses a strong Christian faith, hails from a close-knit family, and possesses mixed background. His mother is Katherine Conway, and his father is Mr. McMenamin, a businessman. 

He has always placed a high value on sports. He is devoutly devoted to Christianity, hails from a close-knit family of mixed ancestry.His dad, Mr. McMenamin, works in business, and his mom is Katherine Conway. 

Malika Andrews Early Life & Education 

Malika was born in Oakland, California, on January 27, 1995, and will be 29 in 2024. Her mother, Caren, teaches art, while her father, Mike, works as a personal trainer. Kendra, Rose’s younger sister, works as a reporter for ESPN and covers the Golden State Warriors. 

Her mother is Jewish, and in 2008, she underwent a bat mitzvah. Andrews went to Head-Royce School for her studies before moving to a Utah boarding school, from which she graduated in 2012. 

Malika Andrews Wik

Full NameMalika Rose Andrews
Date of BirthJanuary 27, 1995
Age29 years old (2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
BirthplaceOakland, California, USA
Alma MaterUniversity of Portland
Height5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight126 lbs (57 kg)
Body Measurements34-25-34 (in inches)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark brown
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsCaren and Mike
SiblingsKendra Andrews
ProfessionSports journalist and reporter
Years Active2017-present
Net Worth$800,000
Social MediaInstagram (X), Twitter, YouTube

What is Malika Andrews’ Age?

Inception of the NBA persona occurred on the 27th day of January in the year of 1995. By the chronicles of 2023, her age stands at 28 lunar cycles. The celestial configuration at her birth unveils the mark of Aquarius.

Malika Andrews’ Height

She weighs 126 pounds, or 57 kilograms, and is 5 feet 7 inches, or 170 centimeters, tall. Her eyes are dark brown, her hair wavy and black.

Dave McMenamin’s Education

Radnor High School was attended by Dave McMenamin. He graduated from Syracuse University in 2005 after attending. I then started working as a writer and reporter in the NBA.

Dave McMenamin Physical Statistics

At 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing around 75 lbs, Dave McMenamin is a handsome young man. His eyes are blue, his hair brown.  McMenamijn is gregarious and endowed with a charming personality. He will quickly make up ground with everyone.

Age Gap between Dave & Malika Andrews

Malika Andrews and the other person are thought to have already joined themselves in a marriage knot, but they haven’t made it public yet. They are 13 years apart in age. 

Following a tweet that Dave shared on Twitter, fans have been given some indication as to how old they are. In an attempt to allay people’s concerns, Dave revealed his age in the post by mentioning that he had not attended school for two years while Malika Andrews was in the sixth grade.

When Did Malika Andrews & Dave McMenamin Meet?

It’s unclear exactly when the two first connected, but because they both work in the same field, it’s possible that they did so at the 2020 TV premiere. They were friends at the time, but it appears that in 2022 their relationship has developed into something more.

Malika Andrews’ Caree

Malika worked as an intern at the Denver Post following her graduation before starting at The New York Times. Prior to joining the ESPN fraternity, she also spent a year working as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. With virtual interviews with the top overall picks in 2020, Rose hosted the NBA draft telecast. In 2021, she was nominated for an Emmy.

In addition, Andrews was recognized by the National Association of Black Journalists and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for being ESPN’s only black female journalist.

In 2022, alongside retired sportscaster Marv Albert, Rose made an appearance in the short film Playoffs on NBA Lane to promote the NBA playoffs. She appears on shows such as Get Up, NBA Countdown, SportsCentre and Around the Horn.

What is Malika Andrews’ Net Worth? 

As of this writing, Sports Brief pegs Malika’s net worth at $800,000. Her lucrative work as a sports writer and reporter has contributed to her fortune. The often asked question, “Who is Malika Andrews’ husband?” is answered in this article. The well-known journalist is single. She is supposedly engaged to Dave McMenamin, though. Since they conceal information about their relationships from prying eyes on the internet, neither has verified these allegations.

Dave McMenamin’s Career

In the NBA reporting and media world, Dave is a professional. According to his LinkedIn, he first became involved in the NBA scene in November 2005. He began his career in the NBA as a features editor/producer and worked his way up to become a senior interactive writer at Turner Broadcasting. 

He has been hired by ESPN as an NBA reporter by December 2009. He has been providing in-depth coverage of the Cleveland Cavaliers since September 2014. According to IMDb, he has also contributed to the production of TV series including Sportscenter and The Jump, among others.

Is Malika Andrews Married?

No, the well-known sportswriter is not yet married. Actually, there aren’t any stories on her private life.

Malike Andrews was recently seen with a ring on her finger. Still, no news of a marriage or engagement has reached the public.

Malika Andrews’ Soon-To-Be Husband?

The well-known American sports writer Dave McMenamin is supposedly engaged to Malika Andrews, his future bride. This year, rumors about their upcoming nuptials gained traction, particularly after Andrews was spotted sporting a ring. However, neither Andrews nor McMenamin have made any formal comments to support or contradict these rumors. Regarding their relationship and engagement, they have continuously taken a private position and chosen to keep the specifics a secret.

The two officially started dating in 2022 and lived together in New York, but Andrews eventually relocated to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. Despite the move, the 28-year-old continues to spark speculation about their relationship, particularly after being spotted wearing a ring. However, to this day, neither Andrews nor McMenamin has offered any official confirmation regarding these rumors. In the meantime, Andrews has primarily focused on her professional journey, with her career in reporting experiencing exponential growth after her initial television appearance.

Is Malika Andrews Dating?

In a world where celebrities are frequently used as live tabloid fodder, Andrews has perfected the skill of hiding her partner’s name from snooping photographers and lurking internet users. Rose hasn’t made it known that she’s in a romantic relationship, so it’s reasonable to presume that she’s single right now.

How long have Malika Andrews & Dave McMenamin been Together?

The reports claim that the couple began dating in 2022 and have been together ever since. They lived in Los Angeles in the beginning of their relationship, but Andrew and Malika were forced to move there due to employment, and they still do.

The only information that was disclosed to the public was that the pair was engaged; yet, there is still conjecture that they may be married. 

Malika Andrews Ex- Ex-Boyfriend Richard Allen Jefferson (Rumored)

Former NBA player Richard Allen Jefferson, who is currently an ESPN sports analyst, was formerly romantically involved with Malika Andrews. Though neither Richard nor Malika have acknowledged any of the rumors, there have been rumors regarding his connection with Malika.

Malika Andrews’s Current Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Malika Andrews is not married, however she is presently seeing a man by the name of Dave Mc Menamin. According to reports, the pair moved in together after dating for a while.

Malika Andrews Social Media

Malika Andrews uses a variety of social networking sites. She is active on Instagram, where she provides her admirers with updates and thoughts. She also interacts with her followers on Twitter by making comments and interacting with them. She also has a YouTube account, where she occasionally posts videos on her hobbies or professional endeavors.

Social MediaUsername


Malika Rose Andrews, born on January 27, 1995, is an American sports journalist.

She gained prominence as the host of NBA Today on ESPN.

Andrews started her journalism career with internships at The Denver Post and The New York Times.

She joined ESPN in 2018 and has since become a respected NBA reporter.

Malika Andrews’ net worth is estimated to be around $800,000.


Malika Andrews, a cultivated games columnist, has been causing disturbances in the realm of NBA detailing. Brought into the world in Oakland, California, Andrews sought after a lifelong in reporting in the wake of finishing her examinations at the College of Portland. She joined ESPN in 2018 and immediately rose to conspicuousness as the host of NBA Today. In spite of her expert achievement, Andrews keeps a confidential life, with bits of gossip whirling about her relationship with ESPN partner Dave McMenamin. Dave McMenamin is a seasoned NBA reporter who has been covering the league since 2005. He graduated from Radnor High School and Syracuse University with degrees in sports journalism. Together, Andrews and McMenamin structure a unique couple in the realm of sports media.


1. When did Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin start dating?

The couple reportedly began dating in 2022.

2. Are Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin engaged?

While rumors of engagement exist, neither Andrews nor McMenamin has confirmed any official announcements.

3. Who was Malika Andrews’ rumored ex-boyfriend?

Former NBA player Richard Allen Jefferson was rumored to have been romantically involved with Malika Andrews, although neither party confirmed these rumors.

4. What is Malika Andrews’ net worth?

Malika Andrews’ net worth is estimated to be around $800,000.

5. Where does Malika Andrews currently reside?

Malika Andrews currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

6. Is Malika Andrews active on social media?

Yes, Malika Andrews is active on Instagram (@malika_andrews), Twitter, and occasionally posts videos on her YouTube channel.

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