Tiffany Pesci Age

Who Is Tiffany Pesci?Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, & More

Tiffany Pesci Age

The year of birth for the individual is 1992, making them 31 years old.

Who Is Tiffany Pesci?

Amidst perpetually intertwining with her renowned progenitor, Joe Pesci, distinguished for his laudable contributions to cinema over the preceding half-century, collaborating notably with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Chris Columbus, Tiffany Pesci has fashioned a formidable identity distinct from mere Hollywood lineage.

Though undeniably, the Pesci surname facilitated early opportunities in her journey, exemplified by roles in independent cinematic ventures like The Biz and Abusharkh, Tiffany diligently traversed the terrain of the entertainment realm, leveraging extensive endeavors in modeling and forging lucrative alliances with esteemed fashion labels like D&G, thereby sculpting her own realm of fortune and prominence.

Tiffany, scion of Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro, who briefly shared matrimony in the twilight of the 1980s amidst Joe’s zenith of acclaim, was steeped in a milieu of imagination and celebrity since her inception in 1975.

Nevertheless, eschewing reliance on the hallowed Pesci moniker, Tiffany methodically charted her course within the industry, initially venturing as an actress before transitioning into the echelons of haute couture, gracing the pages of prestigious fashion periodicals and serving as a muse for esteemed brands.

Inclined neither to inertia nor complacency, Tiffany assiduously orchestrated her personal and professional domains, deftly navigating the weighty inheritance of her father’s Tinseltown eminence, ensuring equilibrium amidst the mantle of being the scion of a cinematic luminary like Joe Pesci.

Tiffany Pesci Biography 

In a fervent pursuit to establish her own mark in the realms of acting and modeling, Tiffany Pesci dedicated herself ardently. Her inaugural breakthrough surfaced in 2002, securing a significant role in the lauded cinematic masterpiece, Empire. This pivotal moment heralded Tiffany’s voyage into accumulating accolades within the cinematic and televised domains over the ensuing decade and a half.

Tiffany was able to enter the world of print modeling by using her charming charm, which brought to mind the image of the typical girl next door. Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue were among the prestigious magazines that featured her face. Though her father, the famous actor Joe Pesci, was always there to cast a shadow, Tiffany deliberately chose her own path, determined to create her own identity.

Navigating the threshold of her late forties, Tiffany persists in her cinematic endeavors, albeit predominantly in supporting roles. Concurrently, she champions noble causes, notably animal welfare, in between her paramount duty of nurturing her offspring as a lone parent.

While the Pesci surname undoubtedly provided initial access, Tiffany’s unwavering commitment to her craft and astute business acumen have paved the way for a plethora of individual triumphs, wholly detached from her father’s towering cinematic legacy.

Tiffany Pesci Early Life & Background

Tiffany Pesci made her debut into existence amidst the realms of 1975, fated for a life under the glimmering scrutiny as the offspring of the luminary figures, actor Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro, renowned personas of the Hollywood sphere who united in matrimony from 1988-1992. Emerged and nurtured within the confines of Los Angeles, Tiffany found herself deeply immersed in the realms of entertainment from the inception of her existence.

The opulent abode nestled in the prestigious grounds of Beverly Hills, which belonged to her progenitors, served as a gathering point for the luminaries of Hollywood, with Joe Pesci gracefully positioned at the pinnacle of his acting odyssey, bestowing upon the world unforgettable portrayals in cinematic marvels such as Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Home Alone.

Despite her tender age, Tiffany exhibited an abundance of ingenuity and aspirations, with her gaze firmly set upon treading the path paved by her illustrious parents into the domain of entertainment. Leveraging the privileges and networks inherent in the Pesci lineage, she embarked upon her acting endeavors by the tender age of 10.

Yet, Tiffany meticulously steered clear of basking in the shadow of her esteemed father. With unwavering determination, she charted her own course through auditions and roles, endeavoring to amass acting accolades and modeling triumphs devoid of the mere association with Joe Pesci, her paternal luminary.

Tiffany Pesci Wiki

Full NameTiffany Pesci
Year of Birth1992
Age31 Years Old
Place of BirthUnited States
Current ResidenceUnited States
NationalityUnited States
Ethnic BackgroundMixed
Height5 feet 0 inches
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
ParentsJoe Pesci and Claudia Haro
No. of SiblingsTwo Step-Sisters
Relationship StatusSingle
`Net WorthFather has a net worth of $50 million

Joe Pesci Height & Weight

Joe Pesci is a legendary figure in the pantheon of silver screen greats, despite his diminutive stature.

Despite being only 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) height, Pesci stands out thanks to his fascinating personality. When Pesci was at the height of his acting career, which spanned the 1970s to the 1990s, he was estimated to weigh around 145 pounds (66 kg).  This weight was appropriate given his diminutive stature.

Still, this veteran actor from the New Jersey enclave did not allow his little stature to limit his professional advancement. Instead, he made great use of it to his advantage by playing realistic, wise-cracking characters on TV.

At the height of his career, Joe Pesci was the most charming and visually appealing actor of all time. This was demonstrated by his outstanding performances in films like as Raging Bull, My Cousin Vinny, and Goodfellas.

Tiffany Pesci Personal Life

X’s reticence concerning her personal affairs renders it enigmatic whether she presently maintains a romantic entanglement. However, indications suggest she remains unwed and unattached.

The notion that such a resplendent individual remains uncommitted may seem incomprehensible, does it not?

For those contemplating her sexual inclinations: X unequivocally aligns with heterosexuality.

Her Father Joe Pesci

Offspring to Joe Pesci, an esteemed luminary of the silver screen across the previous five decades, Tiffany was reared amidst a paternal figure of grandiose renown on a global scale within the realm of Hollywood legendry.

Distinguished by his Italian-American proletarian lineage, Joe Pesci’s cinematic trajectory burgeoned with seminal portrayals within the annals of cinematic opuses over numerous eras.

From the gritty oeuvres of yore such as Raging Bull and Once Upon a Time in America to his storied collaborations alongside luminary director Martin Scorsese, encompassing Goodfellas and Casino, to endearing comedic ventures like Home Alone and My Cousin Vinny, Pesci amassed accolades typically reserved for the pantheon of Tinseltown’s most revered luminaries.

For Tiffany, this equated to a formative period enshrouded in the aura of celebrity, opulence, and the weight of familial legacy, amidst the cloistered confines of Hollywood’s echelon. Fortunately, Joe Pesci, a patriarch of unwavering devotion, endeavored to furnish Tiffany with solace, affection, and insulation against the indulgences of the entertainment industry.

Despite his imposing demeanor, Joe inculcated a sense of restrained nobility in his progeny, prioritizing familial virtues over the ephemeral allure of celebrity culture — principles that evidently shaped Tiffany’s philanthropic pursuits and aversion to the superficial glare of tabloid sensationalism in the present day.

Know About Her Mother Claudia Haro

Amidst the late ’80s, Claudia Haro, akin to her former spouse Joe Pesci, experienced a measure of success in the realm of acting. Her brief matrimony to Pesci coincided with this phase.

She secured minor roles in productions such as “Casualties of War” while concurrently exploring modeling opportunities during the zenith of Joe’s acting career.

Nevertheless, Claudia’s notoriety burgeoned later due to legal entanglements, grappling with substance misuse issues, and serving custodial sentences for assault convictions in the early 2000s.

Indubitably, the strains imposed by the intrusive limelight surrounding individuals linked to luminaries like Joe Pesci compounded her tribulations.

Gratefully, her offspring Tiffany navigated beyond the tumultuous chapter of her mother’s life, fostering an enduring bond with Claudia. Presently, Haro opts for a discreet existence as she extends support to Tiffany’s pursuits from the sidelines, doubtlessly rueful of the high-profile predicaments that strained her child.

Through the crucible of maturity and resilience, Tiffany has showcased that she’s inherited more than just physical allure from her mother, epitomizing the resolve to chart her own path in life.

Tiffany Pesci Siblings

Amidst the backdrop of a familial tapestry interwoven with the threads of Hollywood’s luminaries, Tiffany Pesci, progeny of two luminaries of the stage and screen, found herself amidst a kaleidoscope of siblings and kindred spirits. The matriarchal figure, Claudia Haro, traversed the aisle once more in the twilight of the 1990s, bequeathing unto Tiffany three additional kindred spirits – Josh, Julius James, and Jacob, sons born from a fleeting union.

On the paternal front, Joe Pesci, the paternal lodestar, remained steadfast in his bachelorhood, yet the fates deemed it fit to bless him with progeny anew, as in the annals of 1999, his paramour Angie Everhart bestowed upon him a son, Joseph Pesci Jr. Thus, while Tiffany might have borne the veneer of solitude during her formative years under the aegis of the esteemed thespian Joe, her reality unfurled amidst a brood of younger brethren, emanating from the convoluted lineage of Tinseltown’s denizens.

The labyrinthine labyrinth of familial entanglements, a Gordian knot to the uninitiated, became the crucible wherein Tiffany forged her mettle, imbuing her with a resolute resolve and an unyielding autonomy that came to define her adult persona. The circumlocutions of her familial landscape, replete with half-blood and step-brethren, metamorphosed into the quotidian tapestry that she adorned throughout her transition from adolescence into maturity.

Tiffany Pesci Career

Tiffany Pesci’s beautiful features and attractive figure have helped her forge a career in modeling. She can thank her parents for that! 

And to no one’s shock, her journey has been mighty successful. She’s even appeared in multiple high-profile magazines. Tiffany has also used her platform to promote several brands. 

If that wasn’t enough to like her, the beautiful model has a passion for charity work too. We’ve spotted her with her father at various events, like the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Tiffany Pesci Net Worth

X, though far from attaining the colossal affluence amassed by her legendary progenitor, JoePesci,i, through his thespian exploits and financial ventures, has accrued her own substantial wealth approximated at $2 million.

The principal portion of her riches originates from an extensive career in the performing arts spanning over two decades, during which she has garnered numerous roles in cinematic and small screen endeavors.

Lucrative modeling agreements and endorsement contracts with renowned brands such as CoverGirl Cosmetics have further bolstered X’s earnings throughout the years.

Moreover, being born into the lineage of entertainment royalty presumably provided X with financial backing from the Pesci family for educational pursuits, housing, and various other necessities in her formative years.

However, despite the option of comfortably relying on her father’s purported $50 million fortune, X’s decision to carve out her own professional path is indicative of commendable ambition.

With earnings from acting endeavors, modeling commissions, and the potential inheritance from her illustrious father in the future, X enjoys a level of financial stability that many in the entertainment industry can only aspire to achieve—yet notably attained through her own efforts and determination.

Tiffany Pesci Social Media Presence

If you search for Tiffany Pesci on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll come up empty-handed. Weird for a model, right?

Yet, it’s true. She doesn’t have accounts on either platform and likes to keep her personal life out of the public eye. Probably because of her ugly experience with public scrutiny as a child – wouldn’t you do the same?

Good news, though: she’s active on Twitter! But only has around 100 followers. Not what you’d expect from a Hollywood megastar’s daughter, right?


Date of Birth: Tiffany Pesci was born in 1975, making her 49 years old as of 2024.

Place of Birth: She was born in the United States, specifically in Los Angeles.

Family Background: Tiffany is the daughter of actor Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro. Her parents were married from 1988 to 1992.

Siblings: Tiffany has two step-sisters from her mother’s subsequent marriage and a half-brother from her father’s relationship.

Career: Tiffany ventured into acting and modeling, securing roles in films like “Empire” and gracing the pages of prestigious magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue.

Personal Life: Tiffany’s romantic status is undisclosed, and she keeps her personal life private. She is a single parent, devoted to her children and her career.


Born in 1975 in Los Angeles, Tiffany Pesci is the daughter of Claudia Haro and renowned actor Joe Pesci. Although Tiffany came from a Hollywood family, she made her own way in show business, first going after acting and then modeling. She was well-known for her parts in movies such as “Empire” and for being featured in high-end fashion publications. Tiffany’s passion to philanthropic causes, especially animal welfare, and her devotion to her job are well recognized. She keeps a limited social media profile and doesn’t discuss anything personal about herself.


Q: How old is Tiffany Pesci?

A: Tiffany Pesci was born in 1975, making her 49 years old as of 2024.

Q: What is Tiffany Pesci’s profession?

A: Tiffany Pesci is primarily known for her work as a model and actress.

Q: Who are Tiffany Pesci’s parents?

A: Tiffany’s parents are actor Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro.

Q: Does Tiffany Pesci have siblings?

A: Yes, Tiffany has two step-sisters from her mother’s subsequent marriage and a half-brother from her father’s relationship.

Q: Is Tiffany Pesci active on social media?

A: Tiffany Pesci maintains a low profile on social media, with no Instagram or Facebook accounts. She is occasionally active on Twitter but has a small following.

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