Chris Distefano Wife

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Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano, brought into the world on August 26, 1984, is a notable American jokester. 

He originally became well known in media outlets as a professional comic and acquired ubiquity through his appearances on MTV’s Person Code and Young lady Code.

Chris Distefano Wife

Energetic Distefano is a regarded proficient health specialist and a prominent figure by her own doing. 

In spite of the fact that she at first came into the public eye as the spouse of joke artist Chris Distefano, Lively has cut out her own space at the center of attention. 

She has turned into a motivation to numerous ladies, assisting them with handling post birth anxiety through her wellness process. 

Her commitment and accomplishments have made her an image of inspiration and strengthening

Who is Chris Distefano

Energetic Distefano, conceived by Jasmin Canuelas, is an exceptionally achieved wellness mentor in the US. She works in different wellness disciplines, including Zumba, twist, and gathering wellness, making her a sought-after teacher. 

While Fun is notable for her expert abilities, she likewise earned public respect through her union with jokester Chris Distefano. 

Chris became well known with his exhibitions on MTV and MTV2’s shows Fellow Code and Young lady Code, where he fabricated a committed fanbase with his comedic ability.

Chris Distefano Bio

Chris Distefano was brought into the world on August 26, 1984, in Brooklyn, NY. He is an American joke artist known for his jobs on MTV and MTV2’s shows Fellow Code and Young lady Code. 

In 2013, he co-facilitated The Section on MSG and Ain’t That America close by Lil Duval. Chris holds a four year certification in brain research from St. Joseph’s School and furthermore procured a doctorate in non-intrusive treatment.

Chris Distefano Education

Chris Distefano moved on from St. Joseph’s School with a four year college education in brain science. 

This schooling provided him with a solid comprehension of the human way of behaving, which has fundamentally impacted his satire style.

His experience in brain research helped shape his observational and engaging humor, making ready for his fruitful vocation as an entertainer.

Chris Distefano Age

Chris Distefano is currently 34 years old.

Chris Distefano Height

Chris Distefano, an American joke artist celebrated for his fiery exhibitions and sharp mind, remains at 5 feet 6 inches tall. However not especially tall, his presence in front of an audience is unquestionably strong. 

Distefano’s engaging humor and charming narrating have prevailed upon crowds the nation over, laying him out as a conspicuous figure in the satire scene. 

Whether he’s discussing his childhood or the peculiarities of present day life, his level is only one little piece of what makes his comedic style so exceptional and significant.

Chris Distefano Personal life

Lively Distefano, however frequently connected with her significant other Chris Distefano, likes to keep her own life hidden. Thus, there is minimal public data about her experience, early life, instruction, and profession points of interest.

Fun’s inclination for security allows Chris to take the spotlight in open appearances and media inclusion. Regardless of the restricted insights concerning her own life, obviously Snazzy and Chris share areas of strength for a caring relationship. 

Their devotion to one another and their family is apparent, exhibiting their persevering through bond. 

By keeping her own life out of the public eye, Energetic guarantees an agreeable harmony between their public personas and confidential lives, permitting them to keep up with realness and protection.

Chris Distefano Family

Known as Fun or Jasmin, this entertainer was brought into the world to Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas. 

While the particular occupations of her folks aren’t clear, Snazzy partook in a superb childhood in the US. She has two kin, a sibling, and a sister named Jessica Canuelas, and them three have kept a nearby bond since youth. 

Fun tracked down joy with her significant other, Chris Distefano. Purportedly, they initially met in a club in 2013, and their underlying discussions before long bloomed into a close connection.


Chris Distefano is a notable American humorist, popular for his appearances on MTV and MTV2’s hit shows Fellow Code and Young lady Code. 

In 2013, he additionally co-facilitated The Section on MSG. His comedic ability has gathered him significant acknowledgment in the amusement world.

Chris Distefano Net Worth

Things being what they are, how much is Chris Distefano worth? Distefano gathered the vast majority of his abundance from performing stand-up parody. In 2019, Chris delivered the stand-up exceptional Chris Distefano: Size 38 Abdomen. 

He filled in as co-host of Netflix’s “Definitive Beastmaster.” Thusly, American entertainer Chris Distefano has an expected total assets of $1.5 million.

Distefano showed up on Person Code, Failosophy, Young lady Code, The Section, Cash From Outsiders, Individuals Talking Sports: And Other Stuff, The Stand-Up Show with Katherine Ryan, This Week at the Satire Basement, Hello Darling!, Better than expected Presents, That Damn Michael Che, and Benders.

Get reports on the most recent posts and more from Celebrities Today directly to your inbox.Distefano has over 3k supporters on Patreon. With the base membership being $5, Chris procures at least $15k from gifts each month.

Chris Distefano Relationship

Chris Distefano is hitched to Fun, a Zumba teacher, and they traded promises in February 2015. Together, they have a girl named Deliah.

Prior to wedding Fun, Chris was involved with Carly Aquilino. Presently cheerfully wedded, Chris partakes in an upbeat everyday existence with his significant other and girl.


  • Name: Jazzy Distefano, also known as Jasmin Canuelas.
  • Profession: Jazzy is a highly accomplished fitness coach specializing in various fitness disciplines such as Zumba, spin, and group fitness.
  • Marriage: Jazzy is married to Chris Distefano, a notable American comedian, and they tied the knot in February 2015.
  • Children: The couple has a daughter named Deliah.
  • Relationship: Before marrying Jazzy, Chris was in a relationship with Carly Aquilino.


Jazzy Distefano, born Jasmin Canuelas, is a successful fitness coach with expertise in Zumba, spin, and group fitness. She is married to Chris Distefano, a well-known American comedian, and they have a daughter named Deliah. Before her marriage to Chris, Jazzy’s personal life was relatively private, and there is limited public information available about her background and career.


What is Jazzy Distefano’s profession?

Jazzy is a highly accomplished fitness coach, specializing in Zumba, spin, and group fitness.

When didJazzy and Chris Distefano get married? 

Jazzy and Chris exchanged vows in February 2015.

Do Jazzy and Chris Distefano have children? 

Yes, they have a daughter named Deliah.

Who was Chris Distefano’s previous girlfriend before marrying Jazzy?

Chris was previously in a relationship with Carly Aquilino before marrying Jazzy.

Is Jazzy Distefano a public figure like her husband Chris? 

While Jazzy gained some public recognition due to her marriage to Chris Distefano, she tends to keep her personal life private and maintains a relatively low profile in the media.

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