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Thelma Riley rose to unmistakable quality through her union with the eminent performer Ozzy Osbourne, a critical figure in the band The Dark time of rest. Their relationship accumulated critical consideration, however it wasn’t without its difficulties.

 Throughout the long term, Thelma confronted various hardships as Ozzy struggled with chronic drug use and liquor abuse, strains that at last prompted the disintegration of their marriage following 10 years together.

Over the course of their time together, Thelma and Ozzy invited three kids, yet their day to day life was damaged by the performer’s battles and his failure to embrace his job as a dad completely. 

Notwithstanding the difficulties she persevered, Thelma’s versatility and assurance to explore through life’s hindrances grandstand her solidarity and character.Inquisitive to find out about the individual travel and encounters of this superstar spouse? Continue to pursue a more profound plunge into her biography and foundation.

Who is Thelma Riley 

Thelma Riley, otherwise called Thelma Osbourne or Thelma Mayfair, is a previous English well known person and teacher living in Leicestershire, Britain. She earned respect essentially as the previous spouse of Ozzy Osbourne, the famous English stone legend referred to for his music profession as a vocalist, lyricist, and performer. 

Their marriage was firmly trailed by people in general, yet it was full of difficulties, incorporating disloyalty and battles with substance misuse, which at last prompted their partition. Thelma ended up exploring the intricacies of bringing up their kids all alone while Ozzy continued on toward another relationship not long after their split.

Thelma Riley Bio

Thelma Mayfair Riley, referred to numerous as Thelma Osbourne, hails from Birmingham, Britain. She experienced childhood in the energetic city, encompassed by its rich culture and history. 

Thelma acquired unmistakable quality in the public eye through her relationship with Ozzy Osbourne, the amazing stone artist. 

Regardless of the difficulties she looked in her own life, Thelma’s versatility and strength have had an enduring effect on the people who know her story.

Thelma Riley Education

Thelma esteemed schooling as a pathway to progress and endeavored to capitalize on her scholarly excursion. 

Her commitment paid off as she procured grants that prepared for her to seek after advanced education. 

Through her obligation to learning, Thelma extended her insight as well as opened ways to open doors that she had once believed were past her scope.

Thelma Riley Age

In 2023, Thelma Riley adulated her 69th birthday festivity, signifying first experience with the world on May 17, 1954, in Hertfordshire, England. 

Raised in a Christian family, she esteems her English roots and recognizes unequivocally with her inheritance. 

Thelma is happy for her English citizenship and has a spot with the white ethnic social occasion. According to the precious stone, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Thelma Riley Height

Thelma Riley stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches, transmitting beauty and trust in each step.

Whether she’s before the camera or basically approaching her day, her level improves her normal appeal and self-assuredness. 

With her smooth height, she radiates class and balance, easily drawing consideration and having an enduring impression any place she goes.

Thelma Riley Personal life

Thelma Riley has decided to keep most parts of her own life private, liking to keep a feeling of protection past her work in the public eye. 

In spite of the fact that there isn’t a lot of data promptly accessible about her own life, it’s obvious that she prizes minutes enjoyed with her nearby ones and tracks down delight in seeking after side interests and interests beyond her expert responsibilities. 

While points of interest about her own life stay scant, almost certainly, her commitment to family and individual satisfaction significantly impacts her life past the glare of popularity.

Thelma Riley Family

Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne’s romantic tale started when they were simply young people. Thelma was working at the Rum Sprinter club in Birmingham, where Ozzy’s band, Dark time of rest, was causing disturbances in the music scene. 

They immediately succumbed to one another and secured the bunch in July 1971. Throughout the long term, they invited two kids into the world: Jessica in 1972 and Louis John in 1975.

Their oldest child, Louis, sought after a vocation in music like his well known father. In the interim, their little girl Jessica showed up on their family unscripted television show, “The Osbournes,” yet she likes to carry on with a more confidential life away from the spotlight.

With respect to their child Elliot, he picked an alternate way, turning into an entertainer and in any event, moving forward during the 2020 pandemic to assist with raising assets to resume shut films. 

Strangely, before Thelma and Ozzy got hitched, she had a child named Elliot from a past relationship. In the wake of sealing the deal, Ozzy formally turned into Elliot’s dad, and he is currently the most established youngster in their mixed family.

Thelma Riley Career

Nowadays, you can recognize Thelma Riley in Leicestershire, Britain, where she’s tracked down her calling as a teacher. Her occupation includes putting together thrilling school trips the nation over, showing her understudies while they investigate new spots.

During her available energy, Thelma partakes in the straightforward delights of life. She appreciates minutes with her grandkids, loves facilitating and going to gatherings, and enjoys relaxed shopping trips with her companions.

Notwithstanding her previous associations with the spotlight, Thelma likes to stay under the radar nowadays, savoring the harmony and quietness of her own life

Thelma Riley Net Worth

Thelma Riley has developed a decent amount, with her total assets floating around the million-dollar mark. 

She’s procured her keep for the most part through her devotion as a teacher over in Leicestershire, Britain. 

That is where she’s emptied her entire being into shaping youthful personalities, and it’s paid off plainly. Her long stretches of difficult work and responsibility have unquestionably added up!

Thelma Riley Relationship

Thelma Riley was once hitched to John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne. He hails from the Aston area of Birmingham, England. He grew very close by five family and got the moniker “Ozzy” when he was still in grade school. He was first charged up to seek after a livelihood in music following hearing the Beatles’ 1963 song ‘She Loves You’.

 In the last piece of the 1960s, Osbourne, guitarist and lyricist Geezer Steward, guitarist Tony Iommi, and drummer Bill Ward outlined the social occasion The Polka Tulk Blues Band. In the resulting months, the social occasion changed their name first to Earth and a while later finally, in August 1969, to Dull season of rest.

About a year sometime later, they conveyed their self-named debut album.Between 1970 and 1979, he was locked in with the formation of the get-together’s eight studio assortments. Ozzy Osbourne was pardoned from Dull Sabbath in 1979 and hence decided to seek after a presentation employment.

As a free specialist, Osbourne has conveyed 11 studio assortments, five live assortments, seven social affair assortments, nine video assortments, and five EPs. In 2013, he rejoined with the social affair to put out what was to be their assortment, 13.Thelma Riley at first met Ozzy Osbourne in 1971.

By then, he was still in the early phase of his job and she was working at a party club in Birmingham called the Rum Runner. It is there that they got comfortable and a storm feeling in a little while followed. In July that year, they got hitched.

As Dim season of rest bit by bit became one of the most well known and convincing social affairs of the 1970s, Osbourne, who is generally called “The Leader of Indefinite quality”, gained standing for his silly lifestyle. He has crushed alcohol and ingested drugs by and large of his adult life.

In 1978, in a gathering to Sounds, he communicated “I get high, I get messed up … what in the world’s the matter with getting messed up? There ought to be some sort of issue with the structure accepting this is the case numerous people need to get messed up.”

All through the long haul, his bandmates have yielded that while all of them had substance abuse issues, Osbourne was overwhelmingly the most clearly horrible blameworthy party. This was actually the support for his departure from Dull Sabbath in 1979.

Ozzy Osbourne’s substance abuse influenced his own life additionally and was the essential driver of rot of his and Thelma’s marriage. The relationship was moreover impacted by Osbourne’s nonappearance from home in light of consistent chatting with the band. They have two youths together contiguous Thelma’s senior youngster, Elliot, whom Osbourne embraced.

Jessica Starshine Osbourne was brought into the world on January 20, 1972, and Louis John Osbourne was brought into the world in 1975. The children later arose to say that he was not a fair father.

Osbourne himself yielded that wedding Thelma was “a horrendous mistake” and that he had put her “through hell”Ozzy Osbourne went despite Thelma’s good faith with different women, including a couple of groupies and Sharon, who was by then filling in as his boss by then. They at last isolated in 1982.

Thelma Riley Husband

Thelma is the ex of the well known English performer and the lead singer of “Dark time of rest”, a hard rock and weighty metal band. He is one of the most outstanding selling performers ever having sold more than 100 million collections around the world. 

He and his band hold a religion like following among the devotees of weighty metal.Ozzy was brought into the world in Warwickshire, Britain to a common family in 1948. His original name was John Michael Osbourne and he was a center youngster in a group of six kids. 

He quit school at 15 years old and proceeded to do unspecialized temp jobs like development laborer and slaughterhouse employee.He was physically manhandled as a kid in school and, surprisingly, endeavored self destruction a few times and later on these things influenced his music and his profession. 

He shaped his most memorable band in 1967, however it didn’t end up working, he later went through a couple of different groups and band names at last settling down on Dark Sabbath.His band saw fast achievement and was endorsed by Warner Brothers. Records and quickly, they were incredibly popular. 

It was while he was performing at a dance club called Rum Sprinter in Birmingham in 1971 that he met Thema Riley, his first and presently ex. Thelma was working at the club at that point, however immediately fell head over heels for one another and got hitched not long after. 

Their marriage went on for very nearly 11 years when it finished in 1982 with a separation. Thelma needed to battle in her marriage with Ozzy because of his liquor and illicit drug use which caused contact between the couple.

His steady nonappearance from the family because of his consistent going with the band negatively affected Thelma and the couple in the end isolated.

Thelma Riley Children

Along with Ozzy, she had two kids, a girl named Jessica Starshine brought into the world in 1972, and a child named Luis John who was brought into the world in 1975. While Thelma was there for her kids, her better half was only from time to time present and was a non-attendant dad.

Luis John now Luis Osborne is a performer like his dad and dwells in the UK. Be that as it may, he has not seen the degree of progress his dad has and is generally obscure. Jessica Osborne then again is an entertainer and works in the showbiz business yet she too has not arrived at the degree of popularity as her dad.

Through her two kids, Thelma has five grandkids. Her child Luis has two kids Maia a young lady and Elijah a kid while her girl Jessica has three offspring of her own and their names are Kitty a young lady, Harry a kid and Isabelle another young lady.


  • Thelma Riley was married to Ozzy Osbourne, the lead singer of the band Black Sabbath, from 1971 to 1982.
  • They had three children together: Jessica Starshine, Louis John (also known as Luis Osborne), and Elliot.
  • Thelma faced challenges in her marriage due to Ozzy’s substance abuse and infidelity, which ultimately led to their divorce.
  • Despite the difficulties, Thelma focused on raising her children and maintaining her privacy beyond the spotlight.
  • Thelma currently resides in Leicestershire, England, where she works as a teacher and enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren.


Thelma Riley acquired noticeable quality as the previous spouse of Ozzy Osbourne, the prestigious English stone legend. Their marriage confronted critical difficulties, including substance misuse issues and disloyalty, prompting their inevitable partition following 10 years together. Regardless of the hardships, Thelma exhibited versatility and strength as she explored the intricacies of bringing up their kids all alone. Today, she carries on with a generally confidential life in Leicestershire, Britain, where she functions as an educator and appreciates investing energy with her loved ones.


What is Thelma Riley’s occupation? 

Thelma Riley works as a teacher in Leicestershire, England, where she organizes school trips and educates her students.

How many children does Thelma Riley have? 

Thelma Riley has three children: Jessica Starshine, Louis John (Luis Osborne), and Elliot. Jessica and Louis are from her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne, while Elliot is from a previous relationship.

What caused the end of Thelma Riley’s marriage to Ozzy Osbourne? 

Thelma Riley’s marriage to Ozzy Osbourne ended due to a combination of factors, including Ozzy’s substance abuse issues and infidelity, as well as the strain caused by his frequent absences due to touring with his band.

Where does Thelma Riley currently reside? 

Thelma Riley currently lives in Leicestershire, England, where she leads a relatively private life away from the spotlight.

What is Thelma Riley’s net worth? 

Helma Riley’s approximate net worth is estimated to be around $1,000,000, primarily accumulated through her career as a teacher.

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