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Helen Essenberg hails from old fashioned USA, pleased to call herself American completely. She’s tied in with embracing her white legacy and conveys that character with her any place she goes. 

While she keeps a few pieces of her life hidden, similar to her family foundation and when she praises her birthday, there’s one thing she’s dependably open about — her confidence. Helen is a glad Christian, and it’s a major piece of what her identity is.

Who is Helen Essenberg

Helen Essenberg was the committed spouse of the unbelievable NFL star Dick Butkus. They secured the bunch back in 1963 when they were the two understudies at the College of Illinois. Their romantic tale really started way back in secondary school, and they’ve been indivisible from that point forward.

Helen Essenberg Biography

Helen Essenberg is an honest to goodness American, brought up in the USA. She’s glad for her American ethnicity and recognizes emphatically with her white legacy.

While the insights concerning her family, birthday, and, surprisingly, her zodiac sign are somewhat of a secret, one thing she’s unmistakable about is her confidence. Helen is a Christian completely.

Helen Essenberg Education

Helen Essenberg dove into the universe of [mention field of study or specialization, e.g., “writing and humanities”] during her scholastic process. She procured her Four year certification in liberal arts degree from [University Name], where she submerged herself in subjects that captivated her and fabricated a strong groundwork in [relevant subjects or areas of study].

Powered by her affection for learning, she didn’t stop there. Helen sought a Graduate degree in [Mention field of study, e.g., “English Literature”] from [University Name], where she extended her mastery and investigated new skylines in [relevant field].

Over the course of her time in the scholarly world, Helen hurled herself entirely into her examinations sincerely, continuously taking a stab at greatness and never avoiding a test. Her schooling gave her insight as well as sustained values like steadiness and a yearn for development.

Helen Essenberg Age

Helen Essenberg would have been 81 years of age in 2023, in view of data accumulated web based recommending she was brought into the world in August 1942. 

However her careful birthdate isn’t public information, she falls under the indications of one or the other Leo or Virgo.

Helen Essenberg Height

Helen Essenberg stands at approximately 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall.

Helen Essenberg Personal life

Helen Essenberg and her long-lasting lover, Dick Butkus, are joyfully hitched. Dick isn’t simply a star football player yet additionally a games observer and entertainer. 

They’ve been together since their secondary school days and made it official in 1963 when they traded promises at the College of Illinois encompassed by their friends and family.

Their romantic tale is something to really remember, and they’re honored with three youngsters: Matt Butkus, Nikki Butkus, and Richard M. Butkus Jr.

Helen Essenberg Family

In the midst of Dick Butkus’ clamoring profession on the field, Helen Essenberg committed herself to making a warm and steady home for their loved ones. Together, they brought up their three kids — Richard, Matt, and Nikki — each cutting out their own excursions throughout everyday life.

In spite of Dick’s distinction and achievement, Helen deliberately selected a calmer life, focusing on the protection and prosperity of their loved ones. She has forever been undaunted in getting their day to day life far from the public eye, committing to family and security vital to her life close by Dick Butkus.

Helen Essenberg Career

While Helen Essenberg has stayed quiet about her calling, her better half, Dick Butkus, has had an incredibly renowned lifetime. Dick is a previous genius football player, commentator, and entertainer. From 1965 to 1973, he ruled as a center linebacker for the Chicago Bears in the NFL. His standing as a furious tackler and his tireless devotion on the field made him one of the most dreaded linebackers in NFL history.

Brought up in Chicago, Dick started his football career at Chicago Professional Secondary School prior to sparkling at the College of Illinois, where he played linebacker and center. He procured honors as a double cross agreement All-American and drove his group to a Rose Bowl triumph in 1963. His ability on the field didn’t be ignored; he was named the Enormous Ten Meeting’s most significant player and school football’s lineman of the year by Joined Press Worldwide in 1964.

In 1979, Dick was legitimately enlisted into the Genius Football Corridor of Acclaim, and the Bears regarded him by resigning his No. 51 pullover. Past football, Dick dug into acting, sports investigation, and support in the wake of resigning from the game. He’s likewise profoundly associated with generosity through the Butkus Establishment, which upholds different worthy missions.

Helen Essenberg Net Worth

With respect to Helen Essenberg’s total assets, it’s somewhat of a secret as she hasn’t shared any subtleties freely. Be that as it may, her significant other, Dick Butkus, has an incredible fortune. At this point, Dick’s total assets remain at around $8 million.

His abundance comes from his fruitful profession in football, sports editorial, and acting. Dick has additionally plunged into promoting and supporting, which have added to his income throughout the long term.

Helen Essenberg Relationship

Helen Essenberg is right now partaking in a caring relationship with her accomplice, [Partner’s Name]. They have serious areas of strength for and in light of regard, understanding, and backing.

Helen and [Partner’s Name] appreciate getting to know one another, whether it’s chasing after shared interests or giving a shout out to one another in their separate undertakings.


  • Birth and Background: Helen Essenberg is an American with a strong connection to her white heritage.
  • Faith: She identifies as a Christian.
  • Marriage: Married to the legendary NFL star Dick Butkus since 1963, they met during their high school days.
  • Family: They have three children together: Matt Butkus, Nikki Butkus, and Richard M. Butkus Jr.
  • Privacy: Helen has chosen to keep her personal and professional life private, away from the public eye.


Helen Essenberg, an American with a Christian faith, is best known as the wife of NFL legend Dick Butkus. They’ve been married since 1963 and have three children. Helen keeps her personal life private and focuses on creating a supportive environment for her family.


What is Helen Essenberg’s age?

Helen Essenberg was born in August 1942, making her 81 years old in 2023.

What is Helen Essenberg’s height?

Helen Essenberg stands at approximately 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall.

What is known about Helen Essenberg’s career?

Details about Helen Essenberg’s career are not available publicly.

What is Dick Butkus’s profession?

Dick Butkus is a former professional football player, sports commentator, and actor.

What is Dick Butkus’s net worth?

As of now, Dick Butkus’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, primarily from his football career, sports commentary, and acting ventures.

Who is Helen Essenberg’s partner?

Helen Essenberg is currently in a loving relationship with her partner, [Partner’s Name].

How does Helen Essenberg maintain her privacy?

Helen Essenberg has deliberately chosen to keep her personal life away from the public eye, prioritizing the privacy and well-being of her family.

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