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bWho is Linda Kay Cooper ?

In the annals of matrimony, Linda Kay Cooper ascended to prominence as the erstwhile spouse of the distinguished American athletic mentor and NFL luminary, James William Johnson, affectionately recognized as Jimmy Johnson. Commencing in 1963, their matrimonial bond endured until its dissolution in 1990. Within the confines of their union, they were bestowed with progeny, namely Brent Johnson and Chad Johnson.

The trajectory of Linda Kay Cooper’s existence was inexorably interwoven with the triumphs and renown of her husband, who forged an illustrious path in the domain of athletic tutelage. Though she predominantly inhabited the shadows of public attention, her status as the consort of Jimmy Johnson subjected her to the scrutiny of both media and enthusiasts.

Regrettably, Linda’s odyssey met its denouement on the 6th of October, 2003, enveloping her legacy in enigma, for the particulars encircling her demise were not divulged to the populace. Despite her demise, Linda Kay Cooper endures as a salient figure in the chronicles of Jimmy Johnson’s life and career, perpetually enshrined for her association with the esteemed athletic mentor.


In somber reflection, we bid adieu to Linda Kay Cooper, the former partner of Jimmy Johnson. Linda, hailing from Arkansas, entered this world on January 17, 1942, as the offspring of Reginald Taft and Martha Virginia Cooper in Marked Tree. Her upbringing intertwined with her siblings, JoAnn Moody and Teddy Neal Cooper, anchored firmly within the bounds of Arkansas.

Alas, Linda’s earthly voyage concluded on October 6, 2003, at the age of 61. Despite her premature departure, she bestowed upon the world a legacy of benevolence and geniality, etching indelible imprints upon those graced by her presence. Eulogies penned on her virtual memorial echo sentiments of her gentle demeanor and profound impact, illuminating her as a soul who radiated warmth and empathy. Though her corporeal form has faded, the essence of Linda endures through the hearts she touched throughout her sojourn on this terrestrial realm.

Early Life

James William Johnson, born under the blazing sun of July 16th, 1943, in the heart of Port Arthur, Texas, possessed an innate passion for football since his days in high school. Far from a mere face in the crowd, he rubbed shoulders with future luminaries during his secondary education, including the iconic Janis Joplin and the esteemed G.W. Bailey.

Upon tossing his graduation cap, Johnson set his sights on the University of Arkansas, eager to make his mark on the gridiron. And make his mark he did! He swiftly secured a spot on the football team, joining forces with formidable talents such as Jerry Jones (yes, the future Cowboys magnate), Ken Hatfield, and Loyd Phillips, forming a powerhouse ensemble. Under the tutelage of Frank Broyles, the mastermind coach, Johnson thrived, each practice akin to a football symphony.

Then came 1964—a season of triumph. Undefeated and crowned national champions! Jimmy stood tall amidst the jubilation, earning the nickname “Jimmy Jumpup” for his resilience, bouncing back from tackles with unwavering fortitude.


Real NameLinda Kay Cooper
Nick NameLinda
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1942 – October 6, 2003
Age (as of 2003)61 years
Birthday placeMarked Tree, AR, United States
Height (Tall)5 feet 7 inches (170 cm, 1.7 m)
WeightKilograms: 60 Kg, Pounds: 132 lbs
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Body Measurements35-27-37
Net WorthApproximately $100k US dollars (as of 2003)


Cooper graduated from the University of Arkansas with her college degree. She was passionate about teaching, not only in the United States but also in Venezuela. Linda dedicated herself to educating fourth-grade students at an American school in Venezuela, where she taught the children of affluent English-speaking Venezuelans and foreign dignitaries.

Additionally, Linda had the opportunity to teach in various other countries throughout her career. At the time of her passing, she had retired and was residing with her family in Fayetteville.

High SchoolShe a terminé ses études à a public High School. 
College or UniversityNot Found.


Linda Kay Cooper, 41, from Maryville, sadly passed away in the comfort of her home on Sunday, December 9, 2012.


She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm) and weighs 60 kilograms (132 lbs).


Linda Kay Cooper was widely recognized as the wife of Jimmy Johnson, although they separated after nearly 27 years together. Beyond her association with Johnson, she made significant contributions as an educator, imparting knowledge to students in Venezuela and various other locations across the globe. Il est indéniable que son décès inattendu a laissé un profond vide dans les vies de ses deux sons, de ses grands-enfants et de son conjoint. Her héritage en tant que fidèle membre de la famille et enseignant dévoué ne manquera pas de perdurer, et l’absence de celle-ci sera profondément ressentie par ceux qui la connaissaient et la appréciaient.

Linda Kay Cooper’s children

The late teacher was also a devoted mother to two sons named Brent W. Johnson and Chad. They came into her life during her marriage to Mr. Johnson. Today, both sons have grown into adulthood and have families of their own, which also means she had the joy of being a grandmother.

The Former Sweethearts Had Two Children

During their marriage, they were blessed with two amazing sons, Brent and Chad Johnson. Brent, the older of the two, was born in 1964, while Chad followed in 1967. Brent pursued law at the University of Texas and even dabbled in fashion modeling.

On the other hand, Chad chose a career in stockbroking. He faced challenges with alcohol but received support from his father to overcome his struggles. Nowadays, Jimmy often shares photos with Chad and his family, indicating a strong bond between them. Chad also has a son named Cooper, likely named in memory of his late mother.

Despite their parents’ separation, which was perhaps inevitable given the circumstances, Brent and Chad understood the complexities and stood by their mother, Linda, as she raised them single-handedly. Jimmy’s dedication to football strained his relationship with his children initially, but as they matured, they came to terms with it, leading to a better understanding and closeness between them.


She dedicated her professional life to education, having received formal training in the field. Her teaching journey primarily unfolded in schools across Venezuela. Beyond her commitment to education, she had an insatiable love for travel. This passion afforded her the opportunity to not only explore different corners of the globe but also to impart knowledge to students from diverse backgrounds whenever she ventured abroad. However, despite her impactful career, there is limited information available about her professional endeavors.

Jimmy Johnson’s Net Worth and Salary?

Ah, I presume you possess acquaintance with the esteemed Jimmy Johnson. This individual stands as an emblem within the realm of football, currently commanding a monetary worth of $45 million. Commencing his journey within the realm of coaching at Oklahoma State, he traversed onto the helm of the University of Miami before imprinting an indelible mark as the principal coach of the Dallas Cowboys within the National Football League.

Indeed, those bygone eras constituted the zenith of Jimmy’s tenure. He attained not merely one, but a pair of successive Super Bowl triumphs with the Cowboys. A commendable streak, wouldn’t you agree? Subsequently, he persisted with the Miami Dolphins ere retiring his coaching mantle.

However, Jimmy’s narrative did not conclude there. He transitioned into the domain of sports commentary and broadcasting, exchanging his playbook for a microphone. Remarkably, his aptitude for game analysis surpasses that of any other.

And behold, Jimmy’s prowess extends beyond the gridironHe a exploré de nombreux domaines, allant de la gestion d’établissements alimentaires à la rédaction de livres. Effectivement, il incarne l’essence même d’un homme de la Renaissance.

Oh, and did I impart that he has mentored some of the foremost figures in coaching? Yes, luminaries such as Dave Campo and Butch Davis owe a significant debt to the venerable Jimmy.

In due course, Jimmy was accorded the accolade he richly deserved in the year 2020, when he was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A crowning achievement, indeed, culminating a storied career. The life saga of Jimmy Johnson serves as a poignant testament, underscoring the merits of diligence and the crafting of a enduring legacy.


Jimmy Johnson’s first wife was Linda Kay Cooper. They met when Kay was 21 years old, one year younger than Jimmy. D’après IMDb, leur union s’est déroulée le 12 juillet 1963.

Après avoir vécu ensemble pendant environ 27 ans, the couple décida de mettre fin à leur mariage. It was reported that Johnson initiated the divorce. En entretien, il a fait part de son sentiment de ne plus avoir besoin de la social assistance de l’avoir avec une femme, en faisant référence à Linda. Leur divorce a été achevé le 17 janvier 1990.

Linda Kay Cooper at the time of death?

Kay was 61 years old when she departed from us. She entered this world on a chilly January 17th in 1942, and she bid farewell on a peaceful October 6th in 2003.


Birth and Death: Linda Kay Cooper was born on January 17, 1942, in Marked Tree, Arkansas. She passed away on October 6, 2003, at the age of 61.

Family: Linda was the daughter of Reginald Taft and Martha Virginia Cooper. She had siblings named JoAnn Moody and Teddy Neal Cooper.

Education: Linda graduated from the University of Arkansas. She was passionate about teaching and dedicated herself to educating fourth-grade students, particularly in Venezuela.

Career: Linda’s professional life was focused on education, and she taught in various countries throughout her career.

Marriage and Children: Linda was married to Jimmy Johnson, the former NFL coach. They had two sons together, Brent and Chad Johnson.

Legacy: Linda is remembered for her warmth, empathy, and dedication to her family and students.


Linda Kay Cooper a vu le jour le 17 janvier 1942, à Marked Tree, dans l’Arkansas. She a obtenu son diplôme de l’Université d’Arkansas et a entamé une carrière dans le domaine de l’éducation, en assistante à des étudiants de quatrième année en Venezuela et dans d’autres pays. Linda était mariée à Jimmy Johnson, avec qui elle a eu deux enfants, Brent et Chad. On octobre 6, 2003, elle décéda, laissant derrière elle une empreinte de bienveillance et de dévouement.


What was Linda Kay Cooper’s profession?

Linda was an educator who dedicated her life to teaching, primarily fourth-grade students in various countries, including Venezuela.

Who was Linda Kay Cooper married to?

Linda was married to Jimmy Johnson, the former NFL coach. They were married from 1963 until their divorce in 1990.

How many children did Linda Kay Cooper have?

Linda had two sons with Jimmy Johnson named Brent and Chad Johnson.

When did Linda Kay Cooper pass away?

Linda passed away on October 6, 2003, at the age of 61.

Where was Linda Kay Cooper born?

Linda was born in Marked Tree, Arkansas, United States, on January 17, 1942.

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