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Renni Rucci Kids: Who Is Renni Rucci? Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, & More Information


Renni Rucci is an American singer, rapper, and musician who was born on October 2, 1991. Although Courtney Rene is her real name, Renni Rucci is her professional name. Renni, who grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, had a childhood obsession with hip hop and music. She sought a profession in music since she had always wished to be successful in it. Here, we’ll assist you in commemorating her important day.

Renni Rucci Two Kids Have the Same Father

Renni Rucci is a devoted mother to her two children, Cour’don and D’couri, whose father remains a mystery. However, in a tweet from 2009, she confirmed that they share the same dad. Unfortunately, Renni faced significant challenges after he was incarcerated, forcing her to juggle three minimum-wage jobs to support her family since she wasn’t able to finish high school.

Her journey into motherhood began early, welcoming Cour’don at 16 and D’couri at 18. Despite the hardships, Renni cherishes the close bond she shares with her kids, forged through the trials of single parenthood. She often showcases their moments together on her Instagram, highlighting the strength of their relationship.

Renni’s mother and high school lover fostered her musical dreams and supported her decision to go into music as a vocation. Her journey into the rap scene began in 2017 with her first track, “Roll in Peace,” which signaled the start of her success story in the American music business. She had previously made ends meet as an exotic dancer and stripper.

Meet Renni Rucci First Child, Cour’don

  • Year of birth: 2007
  • Age: 17 years old

Renni Rucci’s first kid is Cour’don. He was born in Columbia, South Carolina, at some point in 2007. Although Cour’don is currently 17 years old, it is unknown when he was born. In addition to being an American citizen, he is an African-American. It wasn’t until her mother got well-known that Cour’don became well-known, as he was considerably younger.

According to records, Renni was only a 16-year-old teenager when she became pregnant with Cour’don and birthed him. As of then, she wasn’t famous yet, so many details about her first child were not clear to the public. However, going by his age, Cour’don might still be receiving his high school education now.

Although the first child of Renni Rucci lacks a clear job path at this time, it appears that he is interested in a future in the entertainment sector. On his Instagram profile, he frequently posts many pictures of himself with well-known hip-hop musicians. This demonstrates how much his mother has inspired him. Cour’don has almost 5,000 Instagram followers, demonstrating his considerable internet popularity.

D’couri isRenni Rucci Second Child

  • Year of birth: 2009
  • Age: 15 years old

D’Couri, Renni Rucci’s second child, is a girl. She is fifteen years old and was born in 2009. D’couri was born and reared in Columbia, South Carolina, just like her brother.

The rapper is renowned for being very protective of her children, therefore it’s unknown what school they attend. D’Couri, however, ought to be in the ninth grade, which is the US equivalent of the first year of high school, based on her age.

We presume that D’Couri has not yet decided on a professional route for herself, given her age as well. She is currently concentrating on her studies at this time. In a similar vein, D’couri boasts thousands of followers on his own Instagram profile.

Who Is Renni Rucci?

Renni Rucci is a well-known musician from the United States. The vocalist is especially well-known for her hip-hop and love songs. Renni Rucci, a celebrity in Atlanta, recently proposed to her partner Foogiano. Their admirers are curious about her child’s father among all the happenings. The vocalist may regale her admirers with an intriguing life narrative. From a daily wage laborer to a model, rapper, and social media sensation, she has achieved popularity. During her early years, Renni Rucci had a difficult time making ends meet. But she enjoyed rapping and was very engaged with the music. As a result, she would jokingly rap her remixes of Cardi B and other artists’ popular tracks.

Renni grew her following over time and started entertaining them. She also released mixtapes and signed with Quality Control. Renni Rucci is well-liked for her audacious demeanor and distinctive songwriting. She has gained popularity thus far with songs like Hands-On Ya Knees, Roll In Peace, and Bag Talk.

Renni Rucci  Biography

Renni Rucci, born Courtney Rene on October 2, 1991, hails from South Carolina, born to an Afro-American mother and an Irish father. Her stage name is a blend of her middle name, Rene, and her fondness for the brand “Gucci.” Before settling on Renni Rucci, she experimented with stage names like Courtney Love, Court, and Bella. Her passion for music, particularly hip hop, blossomed early, influenced by artists such as Cardi B, Trina, and Jay-Z.

Her mother and her high school lover encouraged her profound love of music, which drove her entry into the music industry. Her lover served as a major inspiration for many of the songs she wrote in the beginning, and he also provided crucial support for her profession. Her early career as an exotic dancer and stripper helped her support herself financially and increased her visibility on Instagram, where she amassed following.

Renni worked various jobs and dedicatedly followed her artistic goals, using her leisure time to create remixes and freestyles. Her resolve to follow her aspirations was strengthened by the encouraging comments from her Instagram followers. The release of her track “Roll in Peace” in 2017—which received millions of views—marked her breakthrough. Notably, “XXL” noticed her freestyle rap over Lil’ Baby’s “Freestyle,” which helped to further elevate her profile.

“Big Renni,” Rucci’s debut mixtape, was released in 2019. “Quicktape” was her second release in 2020. In 2021, she soared to fame when she was cast in the hit television show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Renni Rucci’s path, which led to her success as a well-known personality in the hip-hop industry, is an example of tenacity and devotion.

Renni Rucci  Early Life

In Irmo, South Carolina, USA, on October 2, 1991, Courtney Rene, also known as Renni Rucci, was born. She was reared by an African mother and an Irish father. She experienced bullying as a child because of her dark skin tone.

Her family relocated to Columbia and started a pleasant life there after a few years in her hometown. She began listening to Future, Lil Baby, Cardi B, and Lil Uzi Vert while growing up in Columbia.

When Renni initially started to take an interest in dancing, she joined the strip club. She soon came to the conclusion that a career in dancing was not right for her, so she attempted modeling.

Renni Rucci  Wiki

Full NameCourtney Rene
NicknameRenni Rucci, Courtney Love, Court, Bella
Birth DateOctober 2, 1991
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5′ 3″
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
Net Worth$600,000

Renni Rucci Age

Renni Rucci is 32 years old (as of today, in 2022). This is according to her birthdate. October 2, 1991, was her birthdate in the United States. Consequently, Renni shares her birthday with her family and friends on October 2 of each year. She is a Libra by sign. 

Renni Rucci Height & Weight and Tattoo

Renni Rucci weighs around 65 kilograms and stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Renni has long, fashionable brown hair, and his seductive, fiery, attractive, and interesting brown eyes make him appear amazing. Renni also has tattoos all over her body, which enhances her beauty and draws attention to her. She is covered with tattoos on her right arm, right arm bicep, right thigh, and between her neck and left shoulder. Her tattoos are a reflection of her life, and the most of them include butterflies, which stand for a lovely creature that is allowed to soar.

Renni Rucci  Personal Life

Renni Rucci has been romantically involved with “Foogiano,” a rising talent. Renni Rucci and foogiano also worked together to release a number of tunes. Aside from that, Renni had dated someone before, with whom she had two children.

Renni Rucci  Surgery

In May 2021, Renni Rucci opened up on Twitter about her work!

Early on May 3, Renni Rucci revealed to some of her fans about her plastic surgery in a series of since-deleted tweets. When a user inquired about the reasons behind Renni Rucci’s decision to get surgery, the “Solid Chick” singer seemed to react candidly.

Renni Rucci talked about her tummy tuck, hip surgery, and “phantom itches” that she experienced after the procedure.

The rapper continued by advising anybody thinking about getting plastic surgery to be explicit in their talks.

Renni Rucci wrote a statement for those who are against cosmetic surgery to wrap off her candid discussion.

“A mf wants to shout the first thing is that the gym doesn’t heal anything. Allow individuals to do anything they want with their bodies, and just so you know, it’s not always about “weight.” Sometimes a physical change might benefit someone in a way that is invisible to the naked eye.

Nevertheless, Renni Rucci has removed the aforementioned tweets from her account. The rapper said, “They ranined the conversation for me,” seemingly alluding to individuals who started speaking out against cosmetic surgery.

Renni Rucci was also in the headlines earlier this year due to her involvement in many disputes within the music business. She scolded Mulatto for putting himself forward as “the biggest” “Beatbox (Freestyle)”—a moniker that seems to have been taken by Renni Rucci.

Trey Songz was also freed from prison by Renni Rucci’s lover, rapper Foogiano, following the singer’s Instagram story featuring her in a swimsuit.

What do you think of Renni Rucci’s discussion on plastic surgery? Kindly inform us by leaving a comment below!

Renni Rucci Family & Siblings 

Renni was raised in America and was born into an American household. Renni’s mother is African-American, while her father is of Irish origin. Still, other information about her parents is kept a secret, including their names and occupations.

As of right now, nothing else is known about Renni’s parents, siblings, or other family members. Renni appears to be a pretty private person because she has not yet shared any details about her family background or relatives. We are currently researching Renni’s ancestry. We’ll notify you all as soon as we find out anything.

Renni Rucci  Career

Rucci started her modeling career with a Columbia-based agency and quickly gained recognition after obtaining her first job. Her prospects increased as her portfolio grew and more businesses and magazines started to notice her abilities.

She simultaneously used social media, especially Instagram, to highlight her modeling endeavors and flawless dancing abilities, enthralling viewers with her visually appealing material.

She continued to explore her creative side nevertheless. Rucci made her YouTube debut in January 2017 with a vlog that detailed the unpacking of a brand-new MacBook Pro. However, her musical endeavors were what really sparked her career.

In August 2017, she transitioned into music more earnestly, dropping freestyle covers like the remix of “Bodak Yellow” and her original track “Everybody.” With the release of “Bank Account,” she secured a significant breakthrough, earning widespread acclaim and industry attention.

Millions of streams and views later, “Roll in Peace” cemented her position in the music industry by the end of 2017. Continuing to build on this success, her 2018 single “Asum” solidified her place as a rising star.

Rucci made waves in the following years, releasing her first mixtape “Big Renni” in 2019 and “QuickTape” the following year. She remixed “Hands on Ya Knees” with Kevin Gates in 2021, and she also released the music video for “Can’t Be.”

With hits like “Don’t Like Me” and “Keep the Change,” she continued her musical journey into the next year, proving her adaptability and undying determination to rule the business.

Renni Rucci Reality TV Star

Renni was announced as a cast member for the second season of the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” in 2021. On this show, she made appearances with Karlie Redd, Yung Joc, Rasheesa Frost, and several more.

Rucci and Lil Baby worked together in January 2018 to make the hit single “Freestyle.” Once more, the song shot to fame, with over 10 million views on YouTube and over 20 million plays across a variety of media.

She and rapper Lil Yachty coordinated on the tune “Brutal” in October of 2018. The song’s music video was uploaded to the YouTube account of WORLDSTARHIPHOP.

Renni Rucci Net Worth

Reni Rucci is worth $600,000 in total. She is a social media star, rapper, and model. Music,
brand endorsements, and modeling jobs are how she makes money. A sizable fan base follows Reni’s YouTube channel.

Renni Rucci Social Media

Renni Rucci is an American rapper, model, and social media celebrity. Her breakthrough hits include “Everybody” and “Roll In Peace.” Millions of people have viewed the music videos for both songs on YouTube.

Rucci gained even more notoriety when she co-wrote the song “Freestyle” with popular rapper Lil Baby. As a consequence, she moved on to work with well-known musicians like 21 Savage and Cardi B.

Rucci maintains a substantial social media following despite this—more than 1.5 million on Instagram alone. In early 2017, she began posting music videos to her channel, which contributed to her huge fan base.

Renni Rucci Relationship

Renni Rucci is presently seeing Foogiano, one of HipHopDX’s emerging talents for 2021. She regularly posts pictures of herself with him on Instagram, giving the impression that they have a close relationship.

She was dating an obscure rapper before she started dating Foogiano. Even Nevertheless, her secret relationship gave birth to two children.


Birth Name: Renni Rucci was born Courtney Rene on October 2, 1991, in South Carolina, USA.

Musical Beginnings: Rucci developed a passion for music at a young age, influenced by artists like Cardi B, Trina, and Jay-Z.

Early Challenges: Despite facing teenage pregnancy and financial struggles, Renni Rucci pursued her dreams in the music industry.

Motherhood: Rucci is a dedicated mother to her two children, Cour’don and D’couri, whose father remains undisclosed.

Music Career: She began her music career in 2017 with her debut track “Roll in Peace,” which marked the start of her success story in the American music industry.

Breakthrough Hits: Rucci gained popularity with hits like “Hands-On Ya Knees,” “Bag Talk,” and “Roll in Peace,” showcasing her bold style and distinctive songwriting.

Reality TV: In 2021, Rucci appeared on the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” further solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene.

Plastic Surgery: Renni Rucci underwent plastic surgery, including a tummy tuck and hip surgery, which she candidly discussed on social media.

Personal Life: She is currently in a relationship with Foogiano, a rising talent in the music industry, and often shares moments with him on social media.

Net Worth: Renni Rucci’s net worth is estimated at $600,000, earned through her music career, brand endorsements, and modeling jobs.


American rapper, singer, and musician Renni Rucci (born Courtney Rene) is renowned for her audacious demeanor and unique songs. Rucci, who was born in South Carolina on October 2, 1991, was early in life influenced by musicians such as Cardi B and Jay-Z. Rucci pursued her artistic goals in spite of early obstacles in her life, such as adolescent motherhood and financial hardships.Rucci is a devoted mother to her two children, Cour’don and D’couri, whose father remains undisclosed. She welcomed Cour’don at 16 and D’couri at 18, navigating single parenthood while striving to establish herself in the music industry. Rucci treasures her strong relationship with her children in spite of their struggles, and they frequently post pictures of them together on social media.

Rucci’s career in music began in 2017 when her first single, “Roll in Peace,” was out.Her successes, “Hands-On Ya Knees” and “Bag Talk,” helped her become well-known, and she finally signed with Quality Control. She confirmed her position as a major player in the hip-hop world in 2021 when she made an appearance on the reality TV program “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.””Roll in Peace,” Rucci’s debut song, launched her career in the music industry and became her first hit in 2017.


1. Who are Renni Rucci’s children?

Renni Rucci has two children: Cour’don and D’couri. Cour’don, born in 2007, is currently 17 years old, while D’couri, born in 2009, is 15 years old.

2. What is the relationship between Renni Rucci’s children?

Cour’don and D’couri share the same father, although his identity remains undisclosed. Renni Rucci has been vocal about her dedication to her children and frequently shares moments with them on social media.

3. What is Renni Rucci’s career background?

Renni Rucci began her career in music in 2017 with her debut track, “Roll in Peace.” She gained recognition for her bold style and distinctive songwriting, releasing hits like “Hands-On Ya Knees” and “Bag Talk.” Rucci’s appearance on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” in 2021 further boosted her prominence in the industry.

4. What is Renni Rucci’s net worth?

Renni Rucci’s net worth is estimated at $600,000. She earns income through her music career, brand endorsements, and modeling jobs, leveraging her substantial social media following.

5. Is Renni Rucci currently in a relationship?

Yes, Renni Rucci is currently in a relationship with Foogiano, a rising talent in the music industry. She often shares pictures with him on social media, indicating a close bond.

6. Has Renni Rucci undergone plastic surgery?

Yes, Renni Rucci underwent plastic surgery, including a tummy tuck and hip surgery. She candidly discussed her experience with surgery on social media, encouraging others to be open about their choices.

7. What is Renni Rucci’s background and early life like?

Renni Rucci was born on October 2, 1991, in South Carolina, to an African-American mother and an Irish father. She faced challenges like bullying due to her skin tone but found solace in music, inspired by artists such as Future and Cardi B. Rucci began her career as a model before transitioning into music.

8. What is Renni Rucci’s height and weight?

Renni Rucci stands at around 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs approximately 65 kilograms. She is known for her striking appearance, including long brown hair and captivating brown eyes, adorned with tattoos symbolizing different aspects of her life.

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