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Presenting Shamicka Gibbs, a genuine American pearl with attaches following back to the lively city of Dallas, Texas. Her relationship with music touched off in the core of her experience growing up, making a plan towards an uncommon excursion in the realm of diversion. As a vocalist, musician, and entertainer, she’s cut out a spot for herself that is basically as different as her gifts.

Experiencing childhood in Dallas, Shamicka’s spirit reverberated with the rhythms of R&B since the beginning. It wasn’t well before she wound up drenched in the enchantment of music, emptying her entire being into each note she sang. Her process took a crucial turn when she turned into a piece of the acclaimed band All Out, where her voice turned into an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the music business.

Be that as it may, Shamicka’s desires didn’t stop there. With a deep longing to investigate her masterfulness further, she left on a performance vocation that exhibited her crude ability and certain charm. With every tune she wrote and each stage she graced, she enraptured crowds with her exceptional mix of energy and validness.

However, Shamicka’s abilities aren’t bound to the domain of music alone. She’s additionally transformed the universe of acting, gracing both the of all shapes and sizes screens with her obvious presence. Whether she’s conveying a spirit blending execution in a film or illuminating the screen with her irresistible enthusiasm on TV, Shamicka easily shows what she can do as a diverse performer.

Go along with us as we jump further into the life and profession of Shamicka Gibbs, a genuine stalwart whose ability exceeds all logical limitations.

Who is Shamicka Gibbs 

We should discuss Shamicka Gibbs, brought into the world on November 11, 1975, in the dynamic city of Los Angeles, California, under the baffling indication of Scorpio. She’s a genuine handyman, with a resume that traverses across different enterprises.

While she’s fiddled with everything from business to unscripted television fame, numerous people could perceive her as the previous accomplice of the incredible entertainer, chief, and maker, Martin Lawrence. Their romantic tale endured a decent 15 years before they chose to head out in different directions in 2012.

In any case, Shamicka didn’t allow that to characterize her. All things considered, she took the spotlight and went for it. You could have gotten her on “Hollywood Exes,” where she was a champion character, giving crowds a brief look into her life and excursion.

Presently, here’s where things get truly intriguing. Subsequent to being determined to have lupus, Shamicka turned her concentration towards her energy for cooking. She’s turned into a culinary wizard, excelling at sans gluten recipes that taste flavorful as well as take care of those with dietary limitations.

In any case, that is not all. Shamicka is a genuine trickster, possessing a few organizations including a chain of spas. She’s likewise known for her cooking instructional exercises, where she imparts her ability to enthusiastic students, and she’s not modest about facilitating occasions that unite individuals over great food and great organization.

In spite of the difficulties she’s confronted, Shamicka stays a motivation to many, showing us everything that could be directed to staggering achievement.

Shamicka Gibbs Biography

We ought to explore Shamicka Gibbs, the multi-gifted TV host and performer hailing from the fiery city of Los Angeles, California. Brought into the world on November 11, 1975, she’s a veritable Scorpio, known for her excitement and power.

Growing up, Shamicka was enclosed by friendship from her people, Ronnie Gibbs and Susan Gloria, and her family, Donnel and Gigi. She went to Rubidoux Optional School in Riverside, California, where she succeeded educationally as well as shown her capacities ready court and in the school troupe.

Standing tall at 5 feet, 7 inches, Shamicka has a presence that orders thought. With a heap of 67 kilograms, she carefully maintains excellence and sureness, exemplifying the veritable soul of a Scorpio.

Shamicka’s life took an interesting turn when she made it happen with the inconceivable comedian and performer, Martin Lawrence, from 2010 to 2012. Their affiliation inclined toward them with two great children, adding essentially more satisfaction to their lives.

Past her own life, Shamicka has become renowned in news sources through her appearances on changed TV sitcoms. Her capacity and persona have captivated swarms, obtaining her a serious fan base.

Through everything, Shamicka remains grounded, cherishing her family and embracing the astounding entryways that come her way. With her star on the climb, it’s difficult to determine what shocking things that’s to come holds for this important woman.

Shamicka Gibbs Education

Shamicka’s secondary school years were a hurricane of action, as she adjusted her time among sports and music at Rubidoux Secondary School from 1989 to 1991. She was an amazing powerhouse on the ball court and track field, all while loaning her voice to the school ensemble.

In the wake of moving on from Leuzinger Secondary School in 1993, she followed an unexpected path in comparison to most. While a large number of her friends sought after advanced education, Shamicka depended on her instinct and pigeon heedlessly into her enthusiasm for cooking. She didn’t go to school, yet that choice didn’t cheer her spirits the slightest bit. She was happy with the way she had picked.

All things being equal, she wound up attracted to the clamoring roads of New York City, where she was selected at the Organization of Culinary Training. It was there that she refined her culinary abilities, absorbing all the information and experience the city brought to the table.

Her excursion through culinary school was something beyond a necessary evil; it was a beautiful source of both blessing and pain. Shamicka’s commitment and enthusiasm for cooking radiated through each dish she made, laying the foundation for what might turn into a celebrated lifetime in the culinary world.

Shamicka Gibbs Age

Shamicka Gibbs entered the world on November 11, 1975, meaning her spot as a Scorpio. As of now, she’s 47 years energetic, with her 48th birthday festivity quite close in 2023. Time elapses rapidly, but Shamicka keeps on emanating splendidly!

Shamicka Gibbs Height

Shamicka Gibbs stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches, adding an extra layer of presence to her already remarkable talent and stage persona. Her height isn’t just a physical attribute; it’s a reflection of the confidence and grace she brings to every performance, making her a true force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

Shamicka Gibbs Personal life

Shamicka Gibbs and Martin Lawrence’s romantic tale was one that bloomed over the long run. They were dear companions for almost three years prior to venturing out into marriage. Regardless of not being an ordinary person at the center of attention, Shamicka ended up being a dedicated spouse and mother.

Their association favored them with two lovely girls, Iyanna Confidence, brought into the world on November 9, 2000, and Amara Trinity, invited on August 20, 2002. Nonetheless, notwithstanding their once-strong bond, individual moves prompted the breakdown of their fellowship.

In April 2012, Lawrence sought legal separation, referring to hopeless contrasts. He looked for shared legitimate and actual care of their youngsters, denoting the finish of their marriage process.

This wasn’t Lawrence’s most memorable brush with marriage, as he had already sealed the deal with Warbler Voorhies in 1993. Sadly, that relationship likewise finished separately before they could really fabricate a coexistence.

Shamicka Gibbs Family

Shamicka Gibbs has consistently called Los Angeles, California, her home, having consumed her whole time on earth on the bright West Coast. While she’s known for staying quiet about her own life, one thing she’s been open about is her job as a mother to two wonderful little girls she imparts to her ex, Martin Lawrence.

Their girls, Amara Trinity Lawrence and Iyanna Confidence Lawrence, have given perpetual pleasure and love into Shamicka’s life. Iyanna Confidence made her amazing entry on November 9, 2000, while Amara Trinity stuck to this same pattern on August 20, 2002. Together, they structure a very close nuclear family, notwithstanding the promising and less promising times that life once in a while brings.

It’s quite important that Martin Lawrence likewise has a little girl named Jasmine Page from a past relationship with Patricia Southall, adding considerably more love to their more distant family circle.

Shamicka Gibbs Career

Shamicka Gibbs is a lady of numerous gifts, and keeping in mind that she keeps her expert life generally hidden, she’s caused disturbances in the culinary world with her line of flavors called Don’t Hurt Cha, Tongue Kid. Her excursion into the spotlight started with her appearance on VH1’s Hollywood Exes, where crowds got a brief look into her life present marriage to Martin Lawrence.

Dissimilar to Shamicka’s saved nature, Martin Lawrence is an easily recognized name in media outlets. From famous movies like Local Party and Talkin’ Grimy Into the evening to his amazing sitcom Martin, he’s made a permanent imprint on parody. In any case, his profession hasn’t been without its debates, for example, his restriction from Saturday Night Live in the wake of offering a few questionable comments during a speech in 1994.

After Martin enveloped with 1997, Lawrence kept on sparkling in satire films, demonstrating that his ability exceeds all logical limitations. While Shamicka might like to keep a lower profile, there’s no denying the effect both she and Martin have had on the diversion world.

Shamicka Gibbs Net Worth

At any point pondered Shamicka Gibbs’ monetary status? Indeed, as indicated by solid sources, she’s living it up with a total assets of more than $5 million as of mid-2024. How could she hoard such abundance? Through her keen business abilities and wanders into different ventures.

Her brands like Back rub Jealousy Spa and Micka’s Storage room have surely assumed a huge part in supporting her monetary portfolio. With such fruitful endeavors added to her repertoire, it wouldn’t be astonishing if her total assets keeps on moving from now on. Shamicka a genuine instance of transforming energy into benefit!

Shamicka Gibbs Relationship

It seems like Shamicka Gibbs is zeroing in on herself and her profession for the time being, as there’s little data about her relationship status. While she hasn’t been standing out as truly newsworthy of late, a few fans have been guessing about a potential compromise with her ex.

What ignited these reports, you could ponder? Indeed, a few extremely observant fans saw that she actually had Lawrence in her Instagram handle, prompting some wild theory. Yet, incidentally, it was all a lot of unwarranted tattle. Shamicka keeping her own life near the chest, leaving fans speculating about what’s next for her.


  • Birth and Background: Shamicka Gibbs was born on November 11, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Dallas, Texas. She discovered her passion for music at a young age.
  • Career: Gibbs is a versatile entertainer, known for her contributions as a singer, songwriter, actress, TV host, and entrepreneur. She was a member of the group Total before pursuing a solo career.
  • Family Life: Shamicka Gibbs was married to actor Martin Lawrence from 2010 to 2012, and they have two daughters together, Iyanna Faith Lawrence and Amara Trinity Lawrence.
  • Entrepreneurship: She’s the owner of successful businesses including Massage Envy Spa and Micka’s Pantry, with a line of spices called Don’t Hurt Cha, Tongue Boy.
  • Personal Life: Gibbs keeps most details of her personal life private, but she has garnered attention for her relationship with Martin Lawrence.


Shamicka Gibbs is a multi-gifted American craftsman who rose to conspicuousness in the music business as an individual from All out prior to wandering into an effective performance profession. She’s likewise caused disturbances as an entertainer, television host, and business visionary. In spite of keeping a confidential individual life, her relationship with Martin Lawrence and their family have at times been in the public eye.


What is Shamicka Gibbs’ net worth? 

As of mid-2024, Shamicka Gibbs has a net worth of over $5 million, primarily accumulated through her successful entrepreneurship ventures and involvement in various industries.

What businesses does Shamicka Gibbs own?

Shamicka Gibbs owns Massage Envy Spa and Mickey’s Pantry, along with a line of spices called Don’t Hurt Cha, Tongue Boy.

Does Shamicka Gibbs have children? 

Yes, Shamicka Gibbs has two daughters, Iyanna Faith Lawrence and Amara Trinity Lawrence, from her marriage to actor Martin Lawrence.

Is Shamicka Gibbs still in a relationship with Martin Lawrence? 

No, Shamicka Gibbs and Martin Lawrence divorced in 2012. While there have been rumors of reconciliation, they remain separated.

What is Shamicka Gibbs’ career background? 

Shamicka Gibbs began her career as a singer and later ventured into acting, entrepreneurship, and TV hosting. She gained recognition through her appearances on VH1’s Hollywood Exes and her successful business ventures.

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