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  • From Korea to Hollywood: The Evolution of Yun Chi Chung

Who is Yun Chi Chung?

Originating from Korea, Yun Chi Chung’s exact birth date is unknown, but it’s commonly accepted that she’s about 20 years younger than Redd Foxx. Given that Foxx was born in 1922, this would imply that she was born somewhere around 1942.

Yun Chi Chung Biography

Originating from modest beginnings, Yun Chi Chung, a 1942 Korean native, went on to play a significant part in the life of well-known stand-up comedian Redd Foxx. Raised in the protective embrace of her Korean background in her early years, she set out on an incredible journey.

Imagine this scenario: Yun Chi Chung, a Korean-American woman deeply entrenched in her cultural heritage, intersects paths with Redd Foxx, the audacious and unconventional Sovereign of the Festive Chronicles, in a twist of fate. Their bond transcended the ordinary, captivating audiences and challenging societal conventions. As the former spouse of Redd Foxx, Yun Chi Chung wielded significant influence in his life, imprinting her mark on both his personal sphere and the broader cultural landscape.

This narrative delves into the chronicles of Yun Chi Chung, delayering the intricacies to unravel the tale of romance, obstacles, and enduring legacy that firmly situates her within the vibrant tapestry of comedic history.

Yun Chi Chung Wiki

Full NameJoi Yun Chi Chung
Famous asEx-wife of Redd Foxx
Age81 years old as of 2023
Date of Birth1942
SpouseRedd Foxx

Yun Chi Chung Age

As of 2023, Joi Yun Chi Chung, most known for being Redd Foxx’s ex-wife, was eighty-one years old. 1942 was her birth year.

Yun Chi Chung Early Life and Background

Yun Chi Chung embarked upon her life’s odyssey in 1942 within Korea. As we plunge into her narrative, we unearth a lady who, from her juvenile years, bore the profundity of her cultural legacy. Her origins, firmly entrenched in Korean customs, would proceed to exert a profound and significant sway over her existence.

The initial segments of Yun Chi Chung’s existence unfurl akin to an artwork imbued with an array of encounters, establishing the framework for the woman she would ultimately metamorphose into. This glimpse into her foundational epochs not only imparts a humanistic dimension to Yun Chi Chung but also furnishes a milieu that aids in comprehending the interactions and choices that would mold her trajectory subsequently.

Yun Chi Chung’s ex-husband was married four times Evelyn Killebrew

Upon traversing the annals of time, Redd Foxx, also known as John Elroy Sandford, embarked upon a remarkable odyssey entwined with the bonds of matrimony, counting four unions within the tapestry of his existence. The genesis of his romantic saga unfurled with Evelyn Killebrew in the year 1948, a juncture wherein he found himself ensconced in the humdrum of dishwashing, in the esteemed company of none other than Malcolm X, as he fervently pursued the echelons of his musical aspirations. Regrettably, this epoch culminated in 1951, marking the denouement of their shared narrative.

Ka Ho Cho

At the Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Ka Ho Cho, a fellow Korean, unexpectedly entered Redd Foxx’s life in a manner reminiscent of Yun Chi Chung’s tale. Love had other ideas, and they were married at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, even though Foxx had said he was done with marriage. They traveled together right up until the actor’s dying moments.

Yun Chi Chung Life Together

Outside of the bright spotlight of celebrity, Redd Foxx and Yun Chi Chung crafted a unique existence together. Commonalities in interests and pastimes created a joyful tapestry that they shared, while Yun Chi Chung’s cultural impact added vivid colors to their trip.

Yun Chi Chung demonstrated a seamless fusion that extended beyond the hilarity of the comic stage, skillfully incorporating Korean features into their way of life.

Yun Chi Chung Reasons for Divorce

In the chronicle of Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx, each romantic saga spins its own narrative, amidst storms that cast looming shadows. Their odyssey wasn’t merely a symphony of laughter and mirth; it braved obstacles that etched a chapter of anguish and legal entanglements into the tapestry of their union. The complexities of their divorce petition, the gravity-laden accusations interjected, and the ensuing accord paint a multifaceted tableau, proffering a glimpse into the convolutions that transpired behind the curtain.

Traversing the tempestuous seas of estrangement, Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx confronted impediments that scrutinized the underpinnings of their affection. The divorce proceedings evolved into a canvas where sentiments, disparities, and grievances were laid bare, unveiling the intricate substrata beneath the facade of their erstwhile shared existence.

Accusations surfaced, creating undulations that reverberated beyond the boundaries of their personal tribulations. Amidst the legal intricacies, the human facets of their saga became enmeshed with judicial proceedings, exhibiting the vulnerability that frequently accompanies the dissolution of a deeply interwoven bond.

As their trajectories diverged, the settlement materialized as a pivotal juncture in their tale, a resolution laden with choices and concessions. The reverberations of their romantic narrative, now imbued with the tinges of parting, proffer a poignant contemplation on the intricacies interwoven into the texture of relationships that withstand both felicity and adversity

Yun Chi Chung Life After Divorce

In the wake of the turbulent tempest, Yun Chi Chung gracefully receded from public view, enveloping herself in a shroud of mystery. What transpired post-storm remained a domain of intrigue, as fragments regarding her life following the divorce surfaced sparingly, leaving considerable room for conjecture and nurturing a sense of inquisitiveness among those who tracked her narrative.

The withdrawal from public visibility constituted a deliberate maneuver, akin to flipping through the pages of a book to an obscured chapter. Yun Chi Chung’s decision to navigate the aftermath of divorce in seclusion hinted at a yearning for solitude and introspection, or perhaps a calculated endeavor to shield herself from the speculative gaze of public scrutiny.

In an epoch marked by restricted information, the void left by Yun Chi Chung’s retreat served as a canvas where imaginations spun tales and narratives. The subdued murmurs and speculative ruminations, propelled by the paucity of concrete particulars, injected an aura of enigma into her saga.

Though the storm may have abated, the aftermath evolved into a landscape veiled in ambiguity, beckoning bystanders to ponder the unwritten chapters of Yun Chi Chung’s existence beyond the tumultuous period. The silence she embraced post-divorce metamorphosed her into an elusive persona, leaving the populace with shards of a narrative yearning for completion yet enshrouded in the nebulae of enigma.

Her former husband passed away due to a heart attack

Amidst the mists of October 11, 1991, Yun Chi Chung’s life partner encountered a cardiac episode whilst engaged in rehearsal. Initially misconstrued as one of his customary jests, the gravity of the situation dawned as his immobility persisted. Upon the arrival of medical aid, an initial pronouncement of expiration was swiftly followed by the revelation of unexpected vital signs.

Subsequent to an urgent conveyance to the precincts of Queen of Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre, Foxx was once again declared deceased following a span of four and a half hours. The departure of Redd Foxx transpired at the age of 68.

Posthumously, it transpired that Chung’s former spouse harbored an onerous debt to the Internal Revenue Service, surpassing feasible remittance for his final rites. At the juncture of his demise, the humorist purportedly carried an outstanding obligation exceeding $3.6 million in unfulfilled tax liabilities.

In an uplifting demonstration of solidarity, humorist Eddie Murphy emerged to alleviate the financial encumbrance of interment expenses, extending a compassionate gesture amidst the adversities faced by Yun Chi Chung and the intimates of Redd Foxx.

Where is Yun Chi Chung Now?

Following her divorce from Redd Foxx, Yun Chi Chung opted to step away from the public eye. Despite his passing, details about her whereabouts remain scarce, fueling speculation and intrigue. While concrete information about her life post-divorce is lacking, scattered remarks on social media platforms, especially Facebook, suggest the possibility of her returning to Korea.

Several comments hint that Yun Chi Chung might have retreated from the vibrant American scene and resettled in Korea. Unverified rumors suggest she may have secured employment with a specific company, adding an enigmatic layer to her journey after her marriage ended.

Her decision to maintain a low profile reflects her desire for privacy and, perhaps, a longing for a life free from the intense public scrutiny often associated with celebrity relationships. The lack of information about her current circumstances invites speculation, as observers attempt to piece together clues from social media hints, constructing a narrative veiled in mystery.


Birth and Early Life: Yun Chi Chung was born in Korea around 1942. Raised within her Korean heritage, her cultural background significantly influenced her life.

Relationship with Redd Foxx: Yun Chi Chung became known for her relationship with Redd Foxx, a prominent stand-up comedian. They shared a significant bond, with Chung being Foxx’s ex-wife.

Marriage and Life Together: She married Redd Foxx, joining him in a unique existence outside the spotlight of celebrity. They shared common interests and incorporated aspects of Korean culture into their lives.

Reasons for Divorce: The marriage faced challenges, leading to divorce proceedings filled with legal complexities and emotional turmoil.

Life After Divorce: Following the divorce, Yun Chi Chung chose to retreat from public life, embracing a shroud of mystery. Details about her whereabouts and activities post-divorce remain scarce.

Redd Foxx’s Death: Foxx passed away in 1991 due to a heart attack. He left behind significant debts, but comedian Eddie Murphy stepped in to assist with funeral expenses.

Current Whereabouts: Speculation suggests Yun Chi Chung might have returned to Korea, aiming to lead a life away from public scrutiny. Social media hints offer some clues, but her exact situation remains uncertain.


Yun Chi Chung’s life journey, from her upbringing in Korea to her marriage with Redd Foxx and subsequent withdrawal from the public eye, is marked by intrigue and complexity. Despite her significant role in Foxx’s life and career, she chose to maintain a low profile after their divorce, leaving many details about her current life unanswered.


Who is Yun Chi Chung?

Yun Chi Chung is a Korean-American woman known for her relationship with stand-up comedian Redd Foxx, whom she married and later divorced.

When was Yun Chi Chung born?

Her exact birth date is unknown, but it’s estimated that she was born around 1942.

What is Yun Chi Chung’s relationship with Redd Foxx?

Yun Chi Chung was married to Redd Foxx, sharing a life together outside the spotlight of celebrity. Their marriage faced challenges, leading to divorce.

Where is Yun Chi Chung now?

Details about her current whereabouts are scarce. Speculation suggests she may have returned to Korea to live a life away from public scrutiny.

How did Redd Foxx die?

Redd Foxx passed away in 1991 due to a heart attack during a rehearsal. He left behind significant debts, which were partly alleviated by comedian Eddie Murphy.

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